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Utah drug rehab Is My Husband an Alcoholic resources for loved ones married to a drug addict

How to Cope When You’re Married to a Drug Addict
By Acqua Recovery on October 22, 2021

It’s a sad reality, but drug use is much more common within marriages than you might think. According to one recent survey by the Substances & Mental Health Services Administration, nearly...

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codependency and addiction what is codependency Addicted loved one addicted spouse resources for loved ones

Codependency & Addiction: Are You Enabling Your Addicted Spouse?
By Acqua Recovery on October 15, 2021

As much as the science of addiction is a product of only the last few decades, an understanding of how substance use disorder affects the people surrounding it is even more nascent....

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alcohol addiction rehab program midway utah drug addiction treatment Addicted loved one approach a loved one about addiction resources for loved ones

Parents of Addicted Loved Ones: How to Support Your Kids
By Acqua Recovery on September 3, 2021

When your adult son or daughter is struggling with addiction, you may find yourself in a position where it’s hard to know what to do. They're not the person you know they are — so what...

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dual diagnosis treatment center in Utah best rehab in utah Addicted loved one resources for loved ones

Best Addiction Treatment Programs for an Addicted Loved One
By Acqua Recovery on August 6, 2021

It’s heartbreaking to watch your son, daughter, sibling, spouse, or friend struggle with addiction, but the only way to put an end to it is if your loved one gets residential addiction...

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prescription addiction rehab program midway utah prescription drug addiction treatment Addicted loved one resources for loved ones

Prescription Pill Addiction: 3 Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore
By Acqua Recovery on July 30, 2021

Do you suspect your loved one has a dependency on prescription medication? Remember, even if your loved one has a valid prescription for certain opioids, they still could be abusing them....

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residential rehab treatment utah residential treatment Addicted loved one loved ones resources for loved ones

Helping an Addict or Alcoholic: Resources for Loved Ones
By Acqua Recovery on July 23, 2021

Is your spouse or family member’s substance abuse problem tearing your whole family apart? How do you — and the rest of your family — cope with your loved one’s substance abuse struggle?...

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acqua recovery veterans guide to addiction treatment

A Veterans Guide to Addiction Treatment

This is the land of the free because of the brave. However, bravery comes with a price. Too often, the very ones who fight for our country are left with deep physical and emotional scars that seem impossible to heal. Among those is the disease of addiction.

If you are a veteran struggling with addiction or have a loved one who is, you are not alone. Even if it doesn’t seem like there is a way out, recovery from substance use disorder is possible for anyone and we are committed to giving our veterans the support and tools they need to find it.