To start the Admissions process, call (866) 830-4628

For all other inquiries, call (866) 678-7501

To start the Admissions process, call (866) 830-4628

For all other inquiries, call (866) 678-7501

Will T. Review

When I first started looking for rehab programs I was very picky about where I wanted to go, due to a very bad experience at a Florida rehab. I looked for days and looked at probably 50 different places. This is one of the last I looked at. I read every single review and checked every single rating. I ended up calling and talked to a guy named...

This Time Is For Me

Born into a happy cohesive family in 1993, my childhood was quite normal. I grew up in a loving, yet competitively natured environment. By the time I was in high school, I was heavily immersed in competitive sports and the musical arts. They were my main focus. My older sister was a senior when I was a freshman. So, naturally, I thought she was...

Andrew L. Review

I would describe Acqua Recovery to a friend as a really great treatment center in an absolutely beautiful setting. The staff is caring, the program seems to be truly set up for our benefit. Overall the rules that are in place seem to be there for recovery and what we are taught is varied and extensive. Andrew L. 

A New Road

I have a story of ups and downs. The middle of the road exists or rather doesn't exist in this childish mind, unless, of course, it involves taking the dare to lie in the middle of the road. Head to toe streamlined body tight spotting headlights waiting for tires to pass inches close to my demise.

Climbing My Mountains

I’m sitting halfway to the top of a mountain east of Heber, hiking with my peers from Acqua. I’m very out of shape, which is why I’m only halfway up due to my relapse almost five years ago. My name is *****, and I’m an alcoholic. I started using and drinking at an early age of 13. Like a chameleon changing colors/drugs to adapt to...

Digging Deep and Finding Faith

I arrived at Acqua on Feb 13, 2017, a broken person filled with anxiety, depression, and fear. I was suicidal and was struggling with wanting to live. My life circumstances had become extremely unmanageable, and I suffered from shame and guilt. Today I sit atop a mountain range on a resident hike four weeks after arriving filled with hope,...

Gordon A. Review

Acqua Recovery kept me moving physically, spiritually, and mentally. It brought me diversity of thought and greater personal interaction. The facility is very conducive to healing. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of it. It was EXCELLENT!!! I will miss the compassion felt from staff. Gordon A.

Leslie B. Review

Acqua is peaceful and creates a real sense of community, unity, and love. I feel a lot of hope leaving here. All the groups and activities were impactful. Acqua provided so many life changing experiences - thank you!!! Leslie B. 

Sarah and Taylor Testimonial

[embed][/embed] Take a tour of the facility and listen as Sarah and Taylor share their personal experiences of the staff and program at Acqua Recovery.

Matt B. Review

As soon as I stepped through the doors of Acqua I was welcomed into a family - I was treated with dignity and respect. It was the first time in a while I felt like I belonged, which helped me take an honest look at myself. I learned how to love myself again and for that, I am forever grateful. Matt B.