Alternative medicine therapies can enhance your recovery and give you a new, healthier lifestyle. For instance, alternative medicine therapy may include activities such as exercise, art, music, or biofeedback. While these are not a replacement for traditional addiction treatments, they can be a supplement that improves your results.

Such alternative medicine therapy is offered at a holistic addiction treatment program in Midway, Utah. There they can develop a treatment plan that is right for you. Here are a few alternative therapies you may consider as you look into a treatment that is right for you!

Alternative Medicine Therapies We Offer

If the more traditional methods of treating drug addiction and mental illness don’t align with your needs or preferences, we offer these alternative approaches such as:

Recovery Coaching

The addiction recovery coaching program at Acqua Recovery helps you understand the destructive patterns of thinking and action. Thus, you can discover the root causes of addiction and learn how to overcome them. Our nationally-certified recovery coaches will carefully follow your progress during and after your stay.

SMART Recovery Program

Our SMART Recovery program offers an alternative to 12-step groups. Short for self-management and recovery training, this program teaches you how to stop self-defeat through negative thoughts, emotions, and actions. The program also helps you work toward long-term goals for a higher quality of life.

Our approach includes several key objectives such as

  • Self-empowerment
  • Self-reliance
  • Gaining support to recover for a better life
  • Learning coping skills
  • Attending group meetings
  • Support and strength from peers.

You also learn how to manage medications and therapies properly.

How Effective is Alternative Therapy?

Alternative treatment programs at Acqua Recovery for drug addiction include an array of alternative medicine therapy methods you may not find in traditional settings. Research into these alternative treatments has given us a broader understanding of different types of alternative addiction treatment and the effect they have on the success of your recovery.

In some cases, modern scientists have been able to validate the effectiveness of some of these alternative remedies. However, the holistic approach to addiction treatment as a supplement or even replacement to mainstream treatments has been shown to help addicts. They gain peace and answers as they try to understand the underlying cause of their addiction.

Alternative medicine therapy treatments offer a broader spectrum of treatment tools to address the full range of effects that substance abuse can cause. The holistic approach to addiction treatment gives you a comprehensive treatment that may not exist elsewhere. You can personalize your treatment according to your circumstances.

What Are the Benefits of Alternative Treatment?

Alternative methods are beneficial for well-being and can contribute to your success with both addiction treatment programs and relapse prevention. We offer a more comprehensive approach that addresses the whole person on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

Alternative therapies increase your chances of success during treatment and reduce the risk of relapse. With treatment, you integrate the things you learn in your main treatment plans. Therefore, alternative therapies offer a more natural approach that may be more attractive to some individuals.

Contact Us to Find Out More About Alternative Medicine Therapies

If you are ready to overcome your addiction to alcohol and drugs, then contact Acqua Recovery. We offer a wide range of alternative medicine therapies that help you overcome your substance. To find out more about alternative medicine, call us at 866.830.4628.