close up of therapist meeting with married couple for the couples therapy program in UtahStaying out late to abuse your substance of choice can disrupt your family life, especially if you are married or are in a romantic relationship. Addiction and alcoholism also can cause you to spend excessive amounts of money on your substance of choice, which can create significant debt and strain familial relationships. During treatment and recovery, couples therapy program in Utah is a meaningful way to strengthen and repair your romantic relationship, which can improve your chances of successfully maintaining abstinence and sobriety.

Addiction and alcoholism can alter your behavior, personality, and mood. These changes, which are caused by neurotransmitter imbalances and brain chemistry alterations, can destroy your personal life and relationships. Since drugs and alcohol can change your actions and lower your inhibitions, substance abuse disorders often cause significant interpersonal conflict. Addiction therapy services in Utah address and rebuild the skills and communication needed to deal with conflict.

Addiction and Relationships

Drug and alcohol addiction causes you to make your substance of choice the focus of your life. During addiction, you compulsively abuse your substance of choice and lose total control of your substance use. You can continue abusing drugs and alcohol even if you deal with harmful consequences, such as losing a job or have a strong desire to quit using. This continued use can make it very difficult to recover without treatment and can cause your partner and loved ones to lose trust in you.

During active addiction, it’s common to conceal and hide your substance use from friends and loved ones. Lying to your partner, especially about your sobriety, can rupture trust and create an unhealthy relationship. Addiction can also cause serious consequences, like legal problems and financial debt. When you are married or in a serious relationship, these consequences can damage your entire family. Financial issues can lead to housing instability and unpaid bills, which lowers you and your loved one’s quality of life.

Rebuilding trust is an integral part of couples therapy, making it an essential element of successful treatment and recovery. Contact Acqua Recovery for custom addiction treatment programs.

How Couples Therapy Helps During Recovery

When you decide to get help for your substance abuse problem, a couples therapy program in Utah can be especially beneficial. Couples therapy can also be combined with other types of treatment, like individual counseling in Utah, which makes it highly versatile and personalized.

A couples therapy program in Utah can also do the following:

  • Help you regain trust in your significant other
  • Improve your problem-solving skills
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Strengthen your relationship
  • Establish healthy boundaries
  • Decrease conflict and arguments

Recovery requires keeping a strong support network. Couples therapy can help ensure that your partner understands addiction, which can help them play an active role in your recovery. When your partner understands your triggers and recovery needs, it is easier to adjust to life following discharge from treatment.

Finding the Best Couples Therapy Program

Addiction can devastate your personal, romantic, and financial life. Finding help from a treatment center is the best way you can start your recovery journey. The addiction treatment center in Utah offers you the support and understanding necessary to begin healing, with a couples therapy program playing a vital role in your treatment. If you are ready to start your recovery today, call us at 866.830.4628.