Many options exist to help a person overcome addiction through a private drug rehab center. However, no single approach proves successful for everyone. Some people respond well to group therapy. Others take the path of an innovative therapy commonly referred to as REBT.

This is the abbreviation for a method known as rational emotive behavior therapy. Previously called rational therapy and rational emotive therapy, this method aims to resolve emotional and behavioral problems. People participate in this program and learn how to lead fulfilling lives.

The ABC’s of REBT

The central idea of this individual therapy is that a person’s thinking patterns influence behaviors and emotions. When their thinking changes, how they feel and act also changes. A helpful way to understand the process of rational emotive behavior therapy is with this basic step-by-step.REBT: Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy in Utah.

A. An activating event. Something happens such as a serious illness, job loss or failing an important effort. These activating events could also be a series of minor incidents that add up. A person’s day could start with spilling coffee and continue with a long line at the grocery store. Overall, these events always have something to do with an interference of the person’s goals.

B. Beliefs about an activating event. Some beliefs are rational, which is reality based, logical and self-helping. However, other beliefs are irrational. These manifest as a demand or wishful thinking based. They also show up as illogical and self-defeating thoughts and attitudes. This understanding is vital to REBT.

C. Consequences. Specifically, emotions and behaviors are the result of an activating event and the person’s belief.

D. Disputes against irrational beliefs.

E. Effects of the arguments borne from irrational beliefs. In addition, new emotions and behaviors can replace these irrational beliefs.

It is not always in their power to change activating events. Moreover, it is not always in a person’s power to change activating events. However, they can use this method to consider the emotional and behavioral consequences of changing. Subsequently, how they feel and what they choose to do changes.

Methods Used in REBT

There are three main methods for achieving the goals of this therapeutic solution. The first is disputing, or questioning, irrational beliefs. Not simply accepting beliefs that seem illogical helps the person view a situation differently. Their response matters. Even if the situation is bad, they do not have to react in a negative way.

The second method is learning to value positive insights about the situation. Essentially, positive thoughts produce positive behaviors.

Engaging in acceptance is the third method. The person who accepts themselves and others controls their own reality. This can reverse previous thought patterns of feeling out of control when the unexpected happens.

REBT and Addiction

REBT concludes that the person who turns to substance abuse does so because of their irrational beliefs. Shame, depression or guilt might initiate the unhealthy behavior of abusing drugs or alcohol. Eliminating those illogical beliefs that drive the substance abuse offers a chance to develop better insight.

Removing beliefs that led to destructive behaviors can lead to a level of acceptance. Furthermore, the person relinquishes their dependence for a chance to build a healthy and fulfilling life.

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