Addiction recovery coaching program benefits.Throughout rehab, it’s important to have the right training and coaching that covers each and every aspect of your addiction. At Acqua Recovery, this training is available through our addiction recovery coaching program.

With a family-first and holistic approach, our addiction recovery coaching program will help you address any issues and concerns you have. In fact, our staff at Acqua Recovery understands that your addiction is unique to you.

Providing Support Through Our Addiction Recovery Coaching Program

Our addiction recovery coaching program is one-of-a-kind in the field today. Specifically, many programs around the country don’t offer an individual counselor or recovery coach during your stay at the facility. However, at Acqua Recovery, our nationally-certified recovery coaches will closely follow your progress during and after your stay and help you make adjustments along the way.

During your stay at Acqua Recovery, you will have structure, along with a variety of addiction treatment options. For example, we offer a wide range of addiction therapies during treatment, including:

Furthermore, we also offer recreation therapy. We strongly believe that finding the joy in sobriety is imperative to your success once you return to daily life. Moreover, physical fitness can be very beneficial in your overall wellbeing and health.

What is Recovery Coaching?

Specifically, our addiction recovery coaching program will help you understand your patterns of thinking and action. By doing so, you will find the root causes of addiction and help you overcome them.

Without this understanding, your treatment may not be as influential on your sobriety. For example, if we don’t treat the underlying causes of your addiction, then you will have a greater likelihood of relapse after rehab.

Learn More About Acqua Recovery

Are you ready to commit yourself to the recovery process and the journey ahead? If so, Acqua Recovery is here for you. Our 20-bed, 100-year-old chateau provides the beautiful setting and atmosphere to build a better life.

Located near Park City, Utah, our staff at Acqua Recovery is ready to guide you through the challenges of addiction. For more information about our addiction recovery coaching program, contact our clinical and medical team today at 866.830.4628.