Acqua Recovery provides an addiction recovery community that allows you to share your thoughts, feelings, challenges, and ideas with others while drawing from their insight. Both you and other members are valuable to the recovery process as you encourage and empower one another.

The group therapy program in Anchor Utah provides the perfect setting for an addiction recovery community. We understand the struggles you and others go through as you work together to overcome addiction. We provide ongoing group therapy as a part of our relapse prevention program.

Our Extended Care Program

Once you complete your rehab program, you are more likely to prevent a relapse by participating in an extended care group program. Acqua Recovery offers a variety of group programs that foster a community of healing and growth. You have the option of finding the right group that can meet your individual needs.

Some of the treatments that we offer as a part of our extended care program include:

Acqua Recovery does more than treat your addiction or host meeting. We offer an innovative approach to group therapy and activities. We help you connect with others in group settings while interacting with your therapist.

Family Therapy in a Community Setting

Addiction affects everyone in your family. Your spouse, parents, or children often feel the emotional, mental, or Family Therapy in a Community Setting physical effects of your addiction. For this reason, they must feel connected to your recovery as well. Acqua Recovery offers family services and therapy so that they feel a part of a healing community.

The members of your family are invited to join in your recovery through a wide range of therapies and activities. They can take a more significant role in helping you heal your relationships with your loved ones. When your family feels like they are part of a community, then they have a better chance of addressing mental health issues and problems that may otherwise get worse.

How Effective is an Addiction Recovery Community?

One of the reasons why addiction is so gripping is because it often leads to an isolated state of being. When you are alone with your substance, you may feel a false sense of individual freedom. The truth, however, is that you are imprisoned and need of support by others.

An addiction recovery community in Midway Utah allows you to reach out to others for help. Inside a community, everyone works together to get on the road to recovery. You are far more likely to reach your goals when you have group support. This type of treatment is effective in treating any alcohol or drug addiction.

An addiction recovery community also pulls you away from negative influences that you have been surrounding yourself with for months or years.

Social Recovery: Your Path to Healing at Acqua Recovery

Community support is more than a bunch of people sitting in a circle talking about their struggles (although this is quite therapeutic). When you are part of a community, you can find healing from those who genuinely care about your recovery. You can also form positive relationships with people who want to build you up instead of tear you down.

If you would like to know more about addiction recovery community opportunities available to you, then contact Acqua Recovery. We offer a comprehensive treatment plan that includes evidence-based treatment and holistic group treatment. Call us at 866.830.4628 to speak with a treatment specialist about how to get started with your therapy.