A refuge recovery program provides an alternative to the 12 steps, adding a different approach to your recovery. In fact, this method relies on the teachings of Buddha. It also provides a set of tools, processes, practices, teachings, and pathway to lasting sobriety.

What Refuge Recovery Program Sessions IncludeLearn more about our refuge recovery program.

When you attend a refuge recovery program meeting, that group session starts with a reading of a preamble. Moreover, the preamble comes from the guide to refuge recovery, written by Noah Levine. You do not have to identify as Buddhist to participate in the program. However, you only need an open mind for the methods to work.

After the preamble, the group typically meditates for 15 to 20 minutes. A leader guides you and also uses silence to help you quiet your mind and open yourself up to the world around you. Additionally, meditation plays a major role in both Buddhism and refuge recovery.

After meditation, the leader reads from the text of refuge recovery. Furthermore, members of the group discuss the reading. During this discussion, you draw parallels between the text and your own addiction recovery. After the group discussion, you close the session by meditating again.

In fact, refuge recovery includes a detailed plan of stages for gaining recovery. You follow this plan for 15 years or more. In this way, this style of recovery is similar to the 12 steps.

Foundation of A Refuge Recovery Program

Abstinence is the path of refuge recovery. In addition, peers lead and guide each other in these sessions, much like the 12-steps’ peer-based fellowships. As part of this recovery program, you do not label yourself as an addict or “alcoholic.” You also do not have to rely on a Higher Power. Instead, you find your own power to recover from your addictions.

To find success in refuge recovery, you need to put in the work. Therefore, you do this work guided by the Four Truths of Recovery, including:

  • Addiction causes suffering
  • Addiction is caused by cravings
  • Recovery is possible
  • Your path to recovery is available

You gain deep understanding of these four truths by following a specific path to recovery. AA or other 12-step methods include steps you achieve one at a time. However, refuge recovery’s path includes specific methods practiced altogether on an ongoing basis.

On your refuge recovery program path, you practice abstinence from addictive substances and behaviors. You also live in conscious intent in ways that do others no harm, do you no harm, and engage you in your community.

Meditation for Recovery

Meditation plays a major role in your refuge recovery program. Moreover, you learn this practice to focus on the present time, understand your addiction’s causes, and understand the suffering your addiction causes for yourself and others. You also learn to practice forgiveness and kindness.

Many people struggle with meditation, at first. You feel self-conscious or uncomfortable sitting still in lengthy silence. However, soon you catch onto meditation methods and improve your ability to focus intently on the present moment. Over time, you grow into 45 minutes of daily meditation.

Refuge Recovery Addiction Treatment in Utah

In Salt Lake City, Utah, Acqua Recovery provides addiction treatment using refuge recovery and other methods. For example, these methods, approaches, and programs include:

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