The lure of cocaine proves strong for people who fall into the drug’s addictive grasp. The only way to achieve lasting recovery from cocaine is to tackle this addiction head-on. You need to learn about your cocaine abuse and dependence, as well as the problems that led you into substance abuse, in the first place. All of that learning and treatment starts with a cocaine detox center in Utah.

What is a Cocaine Detox Center in Utah?Cocaine Detox Center Utah trusts

A cocaine detox center helps you break through your cocaine addiction into sobriety while providing the support and care you need to do so safely and comfortably. Acqua Recovery Center is a detox center Utah trusts that help you enter recovery with a balanced focus on mind and body wellness. This treatment sets you up for a healthier life in recovery, one you value and want to maintain.

Because cocaine changes how your brain and body function, you feel ill effects during withdrawal. Some of these effects are mental, while others are physical. Although a cocaine detox center does not usually prove as extreme as detoxing from other drugs, you still suffer discomfort. Emotional discomfort of cocaine withdrawal can create life risk just as much as the risks associated with some other drug withdrawal processes.

Any physical signs of cocaine withdrawal usually go away quickly. However, the psychological effects require close medical support and supervision.

Transition to Rehab

After you finish your cocaine detox program, you need immediate treatment in a licensed rehab center. Acqua Recovery Center is both a licensed cocaine detox center in Utah and a rehab. At Acqua Recovery Center, you go through residential addiction treatment that picks up where detox ends. This treatment includes dual diagnosis care to address your mental health needs, as much as it includes methods for better physical wellness.

Because your addiction is unique to you, you start your rehab treatment at Acqua Recovery Center with a recovery coach. A nationally-certified addiction recovery coach closely monitors your progress through your treatment program, therapies and learning in rehab. When you need extra support, your recovery coach is there well after you leave our cocaine detox center. The coach also helps you adjust your methods as needed, to enhance your potential for long-term sobriety.

In rehab, you gain a mix of therapies and other approaches to addiction recovery. You learn about your addiction and what led you into cocaine use, in the first place. Also important is coping skills development, to help you cope with stress and daily life problems in recovery. Together, all of these programs help you strengthen against relapse and build a brighter future.

Getting the Right Treatment for Your Cocaine Addiction Recovery

Cocaine never gives you the lifestyle you want, even if you thought it would when you first used it. But after cocaine recovery, you can live a better life that enriches you every single day. This better life starts with cocaine detox and rehab at Acqua Recovery Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Programs, therapies, and methods of Acqua Recovery Center include:

For your best chance of lasting recovery from cocaine addiction, start your new life through a cocaine detox center in Utah, followed by rehab treatment. At Acqua Recovery Center near Salt Lake City, you gain all of the support and care you need to rebuild your life in better mind-body wellness. Call Acqua Recovery Center now at 8668304628 to learn more about available programs.