Pop culture often glamorizes cocaine, despite the drug’s dangers. In fact, many people regularly use the party drug for its social effects of making you talkative, energetic, and self-confident. However, once you stop using cocaine, you feel the deeper effects of its use, those of depression, financial problems, and even lasting health effects. For many people, only through a cocaine addiction rehab program can they find lasting freedom from their drug use.

Cocaine causes many emergency health problems each year. Specifically, 14 percent of American adults have used the drug at least once. During this use, many suffer short-term mental problems. Others experience long-term health problems involving their kidneys, heart, and digestive tract.

How Cocaine Use Affects Your Body In the Short-Terma woman writing by a lake during cocaine addiction rehab program

How you use cocaine largely determines its effects on your body. In your brain, any use of the drug works quickly to cause a range of short-term mental changes. You immediately feel the drug’s euphoric high, as it changes brain chemical absorption and nerve signals delivered from those chemicals.

From the high, you feel increased energy and a certain invincibility. You stop feeling hunger or sleepiness. However, with the positive effects come many negative problems, like paranoia, irritability, restlessness, panic, and anxiety.

How you use the drug determines timing and results of short-term effects. Options for use include snorting, smoking, or injecting the drug. Some people even swallow it. However, how you use the drug also brings long-term effects in your brain and body.

Long-Term Effects of Using Cocaine

Cocaine is not as physically addictive as other drugs. But you can develop psychological dependence and some physical signs of addiction. Still, you need help from a cocaine addiction rehab program to address and treat your psychological addiction. Otherwise, you continue going back to the drug for its positive effects and even risk transferring your addiction to other substances.

Some of the long-term effects after cocaine abuse include irregular heartbeat, headaches, ulcers, abdominal pain, and nausea. Moreover, if you snort the drug, you suffer damage to your nasal septum, throat, and sinuses. People who swallow it suffer abdominal tract and digestion problems, while people injecting the drug experience collapsed veins. You can also suffer nosebleeds, kidney damage, and allergic reactions with your ongoing cocaine abuse.

Cocaine greatly increases your risk of stroke within the first 24 hours following your use. In addition, this is true even for young adults. Although risk is greatest in the first day, at any time during your use of cocaine, you risk debilitating and life-changing stroke.

Stroke from cocaine is so common in young people that many doctors now test for the drug when a youthful person enters the hospital after a stroke.

Finding the Cocaine Addiction Rehab Program You Need

Getting help from a quality rehab saves your life from the potential ravages of this dangerous drug. However, a quality cocaine addiction rehab program goes a step farther beyond lifesaving help. In rehab, you gain therapies and treatments you need for a healthier lifestyle without substance abuse. You learn a great deal about your self-worth and how to live your most fulfilling life.

When you continue using cocaine, your body and brain start relying on the drug for pleasure and self-confidence. Therefore, you no longer experience bliss from relationships, personal interactions, or food, the very things you should instinctively enjoy. Life becomes black-and-white, offering no real color or pleasure.

In a cocaine addiction rehab program, you stop abusing substances for self-confidence or pleasure. You relearn the simpler pleasures in life and how to naturally feel confident, secure, social, energetic, and engaging. All of this learning takes place in therapies and other treatment methods of a quality addiction recovery coaching program.

For example, treatment at Acqua Recovery, a Utah addiction treatment center, includes:

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