Many people believe marijuana is not addictive. This false belief fuels further in legalization of the drug in many U.S. states. However, people do suffer marijuana addiction, just as with any drug or behavior of their choosing. When your drug use messes up daily life and you no longer enjoy the life you truly want, you need help from a marijuana addiction rehab program.

Is Marijuana Really Addictive?a woman writing in her journal by a lake during marijuana addiction rehab program

Marijuana’s addictive properties exist, despite false beliefs by people on one side of the debate or the other. In scientific studies, about one third of people who use the drug become addicted. Moreover, this addiction includes physical and psychological effects of long-term marijuana abuse.

If you start using marijuana as a young person, such as in your teen years, you risk a seven-times greater chance of being addicted than someone starting weed use as an adult.

In fact, marijuana is slower acting than many abusive drugs. The high takes about 30 minutes or more to reach your brain, first passing through your lungs or digestive tract, depending on how you use the drug. However, eating marijuana edibles causes a quicker high than smoking it.

When marijuana does take effect, it triggers brain receptors that regulate your moods, memories, and movements. You struggle to think clearly and lose track of time and vision. Over time, some people reach tolerance to marijuana and need more of the drug to feel its same effects. In addition, this tolerance is a big step into addiction.

When you stop using marijuana after physical dependence or addiction, you experience intense cravings for the drug. Furthermore, you also feel depression and an inability to enjoy healthy daily living without your drug.

Marijuana Is a Gateway Drug

In fact, marijuana is a classic gateway drug. This means that using marijuana often leads to other, more serious substance abuse. Specifically, this abuse ranges from alcohol to even more dangerous drugs like heroin, opioids, benzos, cocaine, or meth. Because you use marijuana and “get away with it,” you feel more inclined to try other drugs.

What many people fail to realize is that marijuana interacts negatively with many drugs. Some of these combos prove deadly, while others lead to secondary or poly-drug addictions.

For example, dangerous combinations with marijuana include anti-inflammatory drugs or anticoagulants. Simply using Motrin, Advil, or Aleve after smoking or ingesting weed can lead to excessive bleeding. Additionally, using marijuana makes you more likely to suffer an injury, due to lost coordination. Combing these effects leads some people to deadly injuries and bleeding that otherwise would not be so severe.

Diabetics using insulin or people with low blood sugar sometimes suffer death when using marijuana. You need close watch over your blood sugar, even if you use medical marijuana.

Combining benzos, opioids, or alcohol with pot causes intense drowsiness. You must avoid these combinations when driving, operating machinery, or engaging in risky behaviors. Still, many people consume alcohol with marijuana without a second thought. Soon they find themselves dealing with both alcohol and marijuana addictions, or those to other drugs.

Help You Need through a Marijuana Addiction Rehab Program

A marijuana addiction rehab program gives you the help you need to end your marijuana addiction. Through this help, you also gain real hope for a more fulfilling life, one in sobriety and enjoying the daily pleasures people without addiction enjoy each day.

For example, quality help through a marijuana addiction rehab program includes:

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