Each person is unique and their addiction treatment should be too. At Acqua Recovery, we ensure successful rehab by a combination of therapies and programs. Patient-centered residences create a peaceful atmosphere full of relaxing water features and meditative spots. Your best interests and well-being are the foundation of the quality addiction treatment center Salt Lake City, Utah trusts.

Evidence-Based Addiction Programs

people talking about the best utah rehab centerIntake coordinators assess your particular journey to create an evidence-based treatment plan that puts you on the best path toward lasting recovery. Programs for substance abuse rehab include:

Other programs offer separate men’s and women’s rehab programs in Utah as well as dual diagnosis treatment for addiction and mental health.

Holistic Therapy Services

Holistic therapy at the Utah rehab center heals the body and mind. The center is tucked away with 12-acres and resort-style features. Rehab becomes a joy when you engage in therapeutic recreational activities. Some holistic therapies offered are as follows:

Equally important to recovery support, the environment is filled with compassion, tranquility, and understanding. Acqua Recovery’s rehab center in Utah addresses addiction and any underlying mental health issues for a complete recovery.

Acqua Recovery Promises

Utah’s trusted rehab center provides a first-class experience with expert recovery accredited by the Joint Commission. Programs and therapies not only support recovery, but they teach life skills and self-reliance for the next phase in life. Don’t put off rehab any longer, you deserve a vibrant and healthy life.

Contact Acqua Recovery today for yourself or a loved one to benefit from a facility dedicated to ensuring life skills and rebuilding family ties. Call 866.830.4628 to speak with professionals dedicated to your recovery.