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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Colorado

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Nestled against the stunning backdrop of Boulder, Colorado, Acqua Recovery welcomes individuals to a transformative journey of outpatient addiction treatment. Our new Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) location in Boulder offers comprehensive care for those navigating the challenges of addiction.

Tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, our programs provide a flexible yet intensive approach, allowing individuals to engage in their recovery while maintaining connections to their daily lives. With a focus on holistic healing and evidence-based therapies, Acqua Recovery in Boulder, Colorado stands as a beacon of support for those seeking sustained recovery in the heart of this dynamic and healing community.

What We Treat

At our outpatient addiction treatment center in Boulder, we treat alcohol and drug addictions as well as co-occurring mental health conditions. If you’re seeking compassionate and comprehensive addiction treatment, call us!

At Acqua Recovery, we specialize in providing compassionate and evidence-based treatment for individuals grappling with alcohol addiction. Our comprehensive approach encompasses personalized detoxification, therapeutic interventions, and ongoing support to address the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of alcohol dependency. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to guiding individuals through the recovery journey, fostering a supportive environment conducive to lasting sobriety.

At Acqua Recovery, we understand the intricacies of prescription drug addiction and its impact on individuals’ lives. Our programs are designed to address the complexities of dependence on prescription medications, whether they are opioids, sedatives, or other commonly misused substances. Our approach combines medically assisted treatment with evidence-based therapeutic interventions, focusing on equipping individuals with coping strategies for sustained recovery. By recognizing and addressing the unique challenges posed by prescription pill addiction, we guide clients through a holistic healing process, fostering resilience and empowering them to break free from dependence.

We’re dedicated to helping individuals overcome drug addiction, providing tailored treatment plans that address a spectrum of substances, including opioids, stimulants, and other drugs. Our evidence-based approach employs compassionate care and counseling to address the physical, mental, and emotional dimensions of drug dependence. Understanding that each person’s journey is unique, our experienced team collaborates with clients to develop personalized strategies for recovery. By fostering resilience and empowering individuals, we aim to break the cycle of drug addiction and guide clients toward a life free from the grip of substances.

Recognizing the interconnected nature of addiction and mental health, Acqua Recovery offers dual diagnosis treatment. Our integrated approach acknowledges the relationship between substance use and underlying mental health conditions, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored treatment plan. By addressing both aspects concurrently, we aim to break the cycle of addiction and promote lasting recovery, empowering individuals to manage their mental health while achieving sobriety. At Acqua Recovery, we provide the support and resources needed to navigate the complexities of co-occurring disorders on the path to wellness.

Partial Hospitalization Program for Addiction

A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) for addiction treatment serves as a structured and intensive outpatient option designed to provide comprehensive care to individuals struggling with substance use disorders. PHP offers a higher level of support and supervision than traditional outpatient programs while allowing participants to return home in the evenings.

PHP typically involves a structured daily schedule of therapeutic activities, counseling sessions, and group therapy, mirroring the intensity of inpatient treatment. This allows individuals to receive robust support while maintaining a degree of independence. The program often covers a range of evidence-based treatments, including individual counseling, group therapy, psychoeducation, and holistic therapies.

The comprehensive nature of PHP ensures that individuals receive the necessary support to address the physical, psychological, and social aspects of addiction. It serves as a valuable bridge between inpatient care and less intensive outpatient options, offering a structured environment for those who require intensive support in their journey to recovery.

The typical length of a PHP can vary but commonly spans several weeks, with participants attending the program for a significant portion of each day. The duration is tailored to individual needs, progress, and the severity of the addiction.

Insurance coverage for PHP programs varies, but many insurance plans provide partial or full coverage for this level of care. It’s crucial to verify coverage specifics with the insurance provider to understand any potential out-of-pocket costs.

Intensive Outpatient Program for Addiction

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a flexible and comprehensive approach to addiction treatment. It provides individuals with a higher level of support than standard outpatient care while allowing them to maintain their daily routines. IOP is suitable for those who don’t require 24-hour supervision but still need intensive therapeutic interventions.

The structure of an IOP involves regular meetings several times a week, offering a blend of individual counseling, group therapy, and educational sessions. Participants can attend sessions during the day or evening, accommodating work or school commitments. This flexibility makes IOP an excellent option for individuals seeking robust treatment without the constraints of inpatient care. This approach ensures that participants receive a well-rounded and tailored treatment plan addressing the multifaceted aspects of addiction. IOP serves as a crucial step for those transitioning from more intensive levels of care while providing a supportive environment for sustained recovery within the familiar context of daily life.

The typical length of an IOP varies based on individual needs but generally spans several weeks to a few months. This extended duration allows participants to receive consistent and ongoing support as they navigate the challenges of recovery.

Insurance coverage for IOP is often available, and it’s advisable to check with the insurance provider to understand coverage details and potential costs. Acqua Recovery is in-network with many insurance providers to make our programs more accessible and affordable.

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Tailored Substance Use Disorder Treatment

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Acqua Recovery stands out for its commitment to providing tailored addiction treatment, recognizing that individuals face unique challenges on the path to recovery. By offering gender-specific treatment programs, Acqua ensures that the specific needs and dynamics of men and women are addressed with precision and sensitivity. This approach acknowledges the distinct biological, psychological, and social factors that contribute to addiction, fostering an environment where individuals can openly discuss and confront issues relevant to their gender.

Moreover, Acqua’s specialized programs for veterans and business executives underline their dedication to understanding the diverse backgrounds and experiences of their clients. Veterans may grapple with unique traumas, while executives may face stressors specific to their professional roles.

By tailoring treatment to these specific demographics, Acqua Recovery enhances the quality of care, providing targeted interventions that resonate with the individual experiences of each participant. This personalized approach fosters a sense of understanding and camaraderie and significantly contributes to the effectiveness and success of the recovery journey.

How To Pay For Rehab in Boulder, CO

Taking the courageous step to seek help for addiction is challenging, and at Acqua Recovery, we understand that concerns about payment should not add to the burden. Our dedicated admissions specialists are here to support you through the process, alleviating the stress of navigating the financial aspects of rehab.

We’ll guide you in exploring various payment options, including private pay, in-network insurance coverage, and out-of-network providers. Our goal is to make the process as transparent and accessible as possible, ensuring that individuals can focus on their recovery journey without unnecessary financial worry. Reach out to our compassionate admissions team, and let us work together to determine the best financial approach for your unique situation, allowing you to embark on the path to healing with peace of mind.

Contact Acqua Recovery for Treatment in Colorado

Acqua Recovery has addiction rehab centers in Midway, Utah, Fort Collins, and Boulder, Colorado. We prioritize providing high-quality, all-encompassing addiction care, which includes making treatment more accessible for clients in Utah and Colorado. Clients may also travel out-of-state to receive addiction treatment at Acqua Recovery. Our team is waiting for your call and will answer any questions you have about joining a program at our Boulder location. When dealing with substance abuse it’s best to get treatment as soon as possible. Call today and start your recovery with Acqua!


You may need addiction treatment if you struggle to control your urges to drink or use drugs. Rehab helps manage these impulses and teaches coping strategies. Often substance abuse is caused by underlying issues with addiction therapy can help identify and address. Whether you have a mild or severe problem with alcohol and drug use, addiction treatment can help you start a sober, healthier life. Recognizing these common signs of addiction can help you determine when it’s time to go to rehab:

  • Cravings: Individuals experiencing addiction often develop intense desires or cravings for the substance or behavior they are addicted to. These cravings can be overwhelming and challenging to resist.
  • Loss of Control: One hallmark of addiction is the inability to control the use of the substance or engagement in the behavior, despite negative consequences. Efforts to cut down or quit are often unsuccessful.
  • Physical Dependence: Many addictive substances lead to physical dependence, resulting in withdrawal symptoms when the substance is not consumed. These symptoms can range from mild discomfort to severe distress.
  • Tolerance: Over time, individuals may develop tolerance, requiring larger amounts of the substance or increased engagement in the behavior to achieve the desired effect. This can contribute to a dangerous escalation of consumption.
  • Neglect of Responsibilities: Addiction often leads to a preoccupation with obtaining and using the substance or engaging in the addictive behavior, leading to neglect of personal, professional, or social responsibilities. This neglect is a significant indicator of the impact of addiction on various aspects of life.

Yes, Acqua Recovery and many other addiction treatment centers accept clients from out-of-state into their programs. Talk to our admissions counselors to learn more about the process of joining an out-of-state addiction treatment program.

For treatment in our outpatient programs, you will not need to bring anything to rehab. Depending on the program you join and your length of stay each day you may want to bring personal hygiene products like a toothbrush or toiletries, comfort items, such as a blanket, and a journal to take notes in. Check with the rehab center to learn more about what you can bring to rehab.

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