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Acqua Recovery Nutrition Information

At Acqua we view food and nutrition as a vital element of recovery, and treatment. Oftentimes in addiction and illness poor eating and nutrition habits take over, exacerbating the overwhelming challenges already present. Beyond physical fuel and immuno-support, healthy eating and optimal nutrition provide physical and spiritual medicine, aiding in the recovery process. At Acqua, the meals offer the opportunity for healing, connection and enjoyment. We pride ourselves on serving fresh farm-to-table ingredients, and delicious meals as we support our clients living a healthier lifestyle.

Our tailored diet is designed to provide optimal nutrition as our clients move through detox and into a healthy and recovered life. Every meal has protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. Acqua’s carefully planned menus provide nutrients essential for healing and peak physical and mental functioning. We offer protein and other healthy snacks throughout the day, and minimize the use and consumption of excessive sodium and sugar.

Nutrition Therapy and Education

Our chef and kitchen staff facilitate weekly groups focused on nutrition education and healthy eating. Our food experts also teach the clients about cooking, healthy food selection and diet planning. Addiction and mental illness change appetite, and general views on eating and physical health. At Acqua we recognize the importance of a healthy and proper diet in the healing process. We help clients gain a healthy understanding of diet and their relationship with food.

Our nutritional practice and education provides a strong foundation upon which to build sustainable recovery. It is from this foundation that we help clients reclaim their lives and be better equipped to handle the struggles, triggers and situations that arise in their recovery journey. with the combination of therapies, along with our nutrition therapy program, can help you build a foundation for recovery.

Benefits Of Nutrition Therapy

When you struggle with addiction, many other parts of your life suffer as well. Drug abuse can destroy your appetite, cause weight loss or gain, and lead to other unhealthy habits. By developing a proper diet through our nutrition therapy program, you can begin to revitalize your life along with proven addiction treatment.

A combination of therapies, along with our nutrition therapy program, can help you build a foundation for recovery. This foundation will guide you back into your daily life without the fears of relapse. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll be equipped with resources and training you need to cope with stressors and triggers in your life.

Meet The Chef

Kyria loves working at Acqua as the Head Chef, “I get to be ‘mom in the kitchen again’,” she exclaims. “I am so happy to be a part of each person’s journey. The joy of feeding both their body and soul has given me a new lease on life.” Everyone who enters the kitchen at Acqua is greeted by a loving and caring presence that is easily felt emanating from Kyria.

Kyria makes every meal from scratch, and believes that the love and care she puts into the preparation of the food is felt by the clients. She meets the nutrition needs of every client, including those with specific dietary restrictions and adjustments. Kyria also facilitates groups every week that focus on nutrition, food education and preparation, and healthy eating habits. She is very creative in the management of the kitchen and the surrounding environment, having a garden from which vegetables and herbs are used in the Acqua meals. She is working on a greenhouse project with the clients and has plans for an outdoor pizza oven, and potentially chicken coops for fresh eggs for the house.

Kyria originally hails from Oregon, and spent time traveling the United States as a child and young adult. She worked in the business world for 25 years and loved the experience. She originally started at Acqua as a part-time Chef and later took over as the Head Chef and Kitchen Manager. Most importantly Kyria is a loving and grateful wife (widowed), mother, and grandmother. She brings that same passion and care to each Acqua client.

Organic Garden

Nutrition for recovery is intended to support the body as it undergoes the physical changes and healing associated with drug and alcohol addiction recovery. At the same time, that diet supports the immune system overall—a helpful benefit in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Acqua-Recovery diet features organic fruits and vegetables, grown from our own organic garden tended to by our very own Chef Kyria! We pride ourselves on serving fresh farm-to-table ingredients so our patients get all the nutrients they need to live a healthier lifestyle.


Overall Wellness At Acqua Recovery

Overall Wellness At Acqua Recovery

At Acqua Recovery, clients receive three meals a day and snacks cooked fresh by Chef Kyria and her team in our open and welcoming kitchen.

We pride ourselves on serving fresh farm-to-table ingredients so our patients get all the nutrients they need to live a healthier lifestyle.

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