Executive Rehab for Working Professionals

Effective and Comfortable Drug and Alcohol Treatment

If you’re a working professional looking for addiction treatment, you’ve come to the right place. Acqua Recovery offers executive rehab for professionals who are fighting the battle against addiction, with resources including inpatient and outpatient treatment, as well as a sober living home.

Our Utah facility is breathtakingly beautiful and staffed by highly trained and compassionate clinicians. We specialize in addiction treatment for professionals and want to help you get free of the grip of addiction so you can focus on work, life, healthy relationships, and your own personal growth.

What Is an Executive Rehab Program?

Executive rehab for professionals is a form of residential addiction treatment geared specifically towards those in the corporate world. At a drug and alcohol rehab for professionals, people in high-level positions at major companies can break away from the stress and hustle to focus on recovery.

An executive rehab for professionals focuses on getting to the root causes of a working professional’s struggle with addiction. Factors like extreme stress, burnout, peer pressure, and unsustainable personal standards can all play a role in the development of substance abuse in an executive. Likewise, co-occurring mental health conditions can contribute to the addictive cycle.

By targeting the root causes of addiction, an executive rehab program offers rehab for working professionals that is specifically designed to address the unique problems and pitfalls of the corporate world.

Why Are Professionals at Higher Risk of Addiction?

Professionals are statistically at a higher risk of addiction than many other demographics. There are several reasons for the increased prevalence of addiction in the corporate world, including:

  • The stress of a highly competitive work environment

  • Burnout, a common problem in the corporate realm

  • Pressure from coworkers to abuse substances outside of work

  • Pressure from coworkers to use substances to “fuel” productivity

  • High personal standards that lead to co-occurring mental health conditions

  • Pre-existing mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, ADHD, and others that can make a person more prone to addiction

Benefits of Rehab

Attending a drug rehab for professionals can have countless benefits for executives struggling with addiction. Below are some of the strongest reasons to pursue treatment:

  • Outpatient addiction treatment is an option. That means that you can start the path to recovery without living full-time at a treatment center.

  • Rehab gives you a supportive environment and the help of professionals. If you’re a self-starter with an entrepreneurial mindset, it might be tempting to try to get clean on your own. However, recovery is one venture you don’t want to attempt solo.

  • Rehab gives you an ideal environment for detox. Detoxing — getting addictive substances out of your system — is often one of the biggest barriers to recovery. Detoxing comes with withdrawal symptoms, which are significantly easier to manage with professional support and medication.

  • Rehab gives you structure. Addictions thrive in a chaotic, disorganized environment. Rehab offers the opposite. When you stay at an inpatient rehab facility like Acqua Recovery, you have the chance to reset your schedule and commit to life-giving habits like exercise, attending therapy, and gaining independence from substances

  • Relapse risk is dramatically lower. It goes without saying that you won’t have access to addictive substances like drugs and alcohol while in rehab. Being cut off from potential triggers makes it easy to prevent a relapse and get some much-needed distance from the places where you’ve hit your lowest lows.

Signs of Needing Rehab

If you see any of the following signs in your life, an executive rehab may be the right call for you:

  • Frequently relapsing after attempting to quit

  • Feeling like recovery is impossible

  • Lacking the support of friends, coworkers, or family members in your recovery journey

  • Wanting to see your life change

If this sounds like you, recovery in rehab is your best next move.

Various Options for Treatment

We offer several treatment options at Acqua Recovery, including residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and sober living.

Residential Treatment

Residential addiction treatment involves living on-site at our gorgeous facility. Your schedule during inpatient treatment includes regular group and individual therapy, exercise, detox, and other practices that promote recovery.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment involves living at home while regularly attending treatment in various forms, including therapy, detox, and more.

Sober Living

Our sober living facility gives men in recovery a supportive, structured, and serene place to live surrounded by Utah’s natural beauty.

What Do You Do About Your Job While in Treatment?

We encourage all of our professional clients to be transparent with their employers about the reality of their struggle with addiction. Once you inform your employer that you are pursuing treatment for addiction, it’s very likely that they will be willing to accommodate you with paid time off for the duration of your time in treatment. If not, there are alternative routes you can take to make sure that you can still enter rehab.

Furthermore, many companies offer what is called a recovery friendly workplace. This means a company enforces a drug-free work environment and may even offer resources that promote recovery. If you feel that your company has the means to support your ongoing recovery, we highly recommend continuing work either remotely or in-person depending on where you are on your journey.

How Long Does Executive Rehab Take?

Executive rehab typically lasts between two weeks and 30 days.

How Does Rehab for Professionals Differ From Standard Rehab?

Rehab for professionals is unique in its focus on equipping professionals to return to their careers without depending on addictive substances.

How Should You Tell Your Employer You Are Going to Rehab?

We recommend approaching the subject of rehab with honesty and sincerity when you present it to your employer. Ideally, you’ll be met with a compassionate and accommodating response. If your manager or boss doesn’t understand and support your pursuit of recovery, it may be time to consider changing your place of employment.

What Health Insurances Cover Rehab for Professionals?

At Acqua Recovery, we accept all major insurances, including Anthem, UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, MODA, and many more.

Consider Next Steps With Acqua Recovery

If you need help making the next step in your recovery journey, contact Acqua Recovery today. We have extensive experience helping professionals like you recover from addiction and get back to what matters most — living a healthy, fulfilling life.

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