Rehab Centers in Utah

Rehab centers in Utah offer high-quality services focused on helping people recover from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Additional mental health concerns, such as depression, anxiety, and trauma-related issues, may also be addressed at rehab.

Why Look to a Rehab Facility in Utah

Utah’s breathtaking natural beauty adds value to the rehab experience, but inspiring views alone are not enough reason to look at rehab centers in Utah. However, evidence-based care from compassionate professionals is.

Acqua Recovery offers residential and outpatient services as well as sober living, aftercare, and alumni program options for a range of addictions. Our treatment programs embrace the models of trauma-informed and holistic care.

The healthcare professionals at Acqua Recovery rehabs in Utah incorporate a variety of treatments into each person’s customized treatment plan. Plans may include group therapy, individual therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, nutritional therapy, mindfulness practices, and other modalities that have been proven effective for addiction treatment.

Insurance Coverage

Most major insurance companies must cover all or part of the cost needed to address mental illness, including substance use disorders.

If you have questions about your policy, our admissions personnel can verify your insurance coverage and explain any out-of-pocket expenses. If needed, we can also offer information on other payment options.

How Acqua Recovery Can Help

People looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Utah will find the comprehensive care and ongoing support they need to maintain lasting recovery at Acqua Recovery. We encourage potential clients to tour our campus, which is nestled on private property in Midway, Utah. Other locations include:

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