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Acqua Recovery is a top-rated rehab near Snyderville. This rehabilitation center offers stunning views of the Wasatch Mountains, making it the perfect place to reconnect with nature as you begin recovering from your drug or alcohol addiction. The staff at Acqua Recovery have 50 years of combined experience to help with your recovery. The rehab offers both inpatient and outpatient programs and offers multiple approaches to therapy, all tailored to your personal needs.

Why Consider a Rehab Facility Near Snyderville

Utah is known for its breathtaking nature views. Choosing a drug treatment center near Snyderville gives you the opportunity to self-reflect and meditate in nature’s beauty as you focus on your road to recovery.

Founded in 1865, Snyderville has a median household income of approximately $120,000 per year. There’s a population of approximately 6,000 people. There’s no doubt that undergoing addiction treatment in this area will provide you with a nice, quiet retreat within the 435 area code. Acqua Recovery is a rehab near Snyderville that’s worth considering.

Inpatient Residential Treatment Near Snyderville

If you’re looking for inpatient rehab near Snyderville, this facility offers residential treatment in Midway, which is approximately 12 miles away from Snyderville.

Whether you live in Utah or across the country, Acqua Recovery offers a beautiful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. This can be the perfect place to escape as you focus on your recovery.

Outpatient Treatment Near Snyderville

Acqua Recovery also offers outpatient treatment near Snyderville. The program is 10 hours a week, which allows you to fit your individual therapy and group sessions into your weekly schedule. You won’t have to leave your home life or job to complete an inpatient program. With Acqua Recovery’s location in Midway, this outpatient rehab near Snyderville is ideal for people who live in the region.

Aftercare Treatment Near Snyderville

Rehabilitation doesn’t end when you’ve completed an inpatient program, it’s an ongoing endeavor to stay sober. If you’re looking for a facility that offers lifelong substance abuse treatment near Snyderville, this facility offers aftercare treatment in Midway, Utah. It also offers alumni support and a men’s sober living program.

Once you’ve finished an inpatient treatment plan, you’ll resume a regular life. Acqua Recovery is there to help with that transition. The facility makes it easy to schedule your continued therapy into your weekly schedule as you get back to your regular work and home life.

Types of Treatment Programs

Some consider Acqua Recovery the best alcohol rehab near Snyderville. In addition to alcoholism, this rehab treats other addictions, such as:

  • Cocaine

  • Fentanyl

  • Heroin

  • Marijuana

  • Meth

  • Opioids

  • Prescription pills

Part of treating your addiction is treating your underlying traumas and other mental health issues that have led to your addiction. Therapy involves treating issues like ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, depression, PTSD, and OCD.

Why Acqua Recovery Is Different?

Some would say that Acqua Recovery is the best rehab center in Utah — and for good reason. Not only is it set in a beautiful location that allows you to reconnect with nature, but it also offers a number of types of treatment options. Acqua Recovery offers everything from cognitive behavioral therapy to eye movement desensitization and medicated assisted treatment to eye reprocessing therapy (EMDR). The experienced staff evaluates each individual to customize a treatment plan that may include multiple therapeutic approaches.

What Does an Average Day Look Like at Acqua Recovery?

Every day is different at the facility, depending on who you are. Whether you choose to partake in an inpatient program or you’re looking for an outpatient Snyderville drug treatment plan, no two patients have the same exact experience at Acqua Recovery. You’ll get a customized therapy program tailored to meet your needs. Every patient will have individual therapy and group therapy sessions throughout the week.

If you opt to do an inpatient program, you can expect meals that consist of fresh fruits and vegetables from the facility’s organic garden as a part of your post-recovery diet.

Cost for Treatment

Wondering about the cost of addiction treatment near Snyderville? At Acqua Recovery, there are a number of factors that determine the cost, including whether you’ll need to detox, how many addictions you’ll be treating, and the type of treatment you’ll require. Speaking with an intake specialist can help you better determine the cost of treatment.

While many patients are able to afford their treatment thanks to health insurance, Acqua Recovery also has a loan program for those without insurance coverage.

Insurance Coverage

Like many facilities, this rehab near Snyderville accepts several in-network health insurance providers. Some of these include BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, First Health, Tricare, University of Utah Health Plans, Triwest, and Humana (military). The rehabilitation center also accepts Aetna, which is an out-of-network insurance provider.

Admission Process

If you’re interested in going to this drug rehab near Snyderville, a simple phone call to Acqua Recovery can get you started. An intake specialist can help you determine if this rehabilitation facility is a good fit for you. They can also help give you an idea of what the cost may be and what you can expect.

Staff members will walk you through the next steps of the admission process, including information on detoxing (if necessary) and how to apply for health insurance coverage for one of the facility’s programs.

Take the first step to transforming your life.

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