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Acqua Recovery is a leading residential rehab center specializing in drug and alcohol treatment, conveniently situated in Midway, Utah. Making the decision to pursue rehab for substance use is a significant and challenging step, particularly when unsure of where to begin. At Acqua Recovery, we empathize with the difficulties you may encounter while seeking rehabilitation services for yourself or a loved one. Our commitment is to provide compassionate care to those who need it the most.

With locations spanning across Utah and Colorado, Acqua Recovery stands as a beacon of support for individuals navigating the path to recovery. Our dedicated team acknowledges the unique challenges each client faces and tailors our comprehensive treatment and therapeutic approaches accordingly. By doing so, we empower every patient to achieve lasting sobriety and holistic health.

Whether you’re seeking addiction treatment in Utah or Colorado, Acqua Recovery is here for you. We extend our services to communities in both states, fostering healing and recovery for those in need.

Areas We Serve

Our residential drug and alcohol rehab accepts individuals from anywhere in the United States, but as a residential and outpatient facility in Midway, Utah, we’re a convenient location for the following areas:

If you live in any of these areas and are seeking drug or alcohol rehab treatment for yourself or a loved one, call Acqua Recovery for help!

What To Look For in a Rehab

There are many options for treating the drug epidemic. With numerous inpatient and outpatient facilities in Utah, people may feel overwhelmed by their choices. To help decide what treatment is best for you, consider these factors:

Ensure the rehab facility is accredited and licensed. This indicates that it meets established standards for quality and safety in providing addiction treatment. Acqua Recovery has several accreditations marking our commitment to all of our clients to provide world-class care in a safe and comfortable environment.

Check the qualifications and experience of the treatment team. A skilled and diverse team, including medical professionals, therapists, and support staff, contributes to effective and comprehensive care. Our staff at Acqua Recovery have a passion for serving the community and helping others toward a healthy, sober life.

Look for a facility that creates individualized treatment plans tailored to each person’s unique needs. Personalized care is essential for addressing specific aspects of addiction and promoting successful recovery. It’s also beneficial if the rehab facility offers different levels of care, providing more flexible and comprehensive treatment.

Choose a rehab that employs evidence-based therapeutic approaches and treatments. These methods have been scientifically proven to be effective in addiction recovery. At Acqua Recovery we offer traditional addiction therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR, but we also offer alternative therapies including cold water therapy and breathwork. If you haven’t tried these types of therapy before you may want to learn more about how they benefit your mental health.

Consider the availability and quality of aftercare programs. A comprehensive rehab should have a robust plan for aftercare and relapse prevention to support individuals in maintaining their recovery post-treatment. Our program at Acqua Recovery includes aftercare, and relapse planning, and provides sober living options. We also are dedicated to our clients and continue to offer life-long support through our alumni program.

How To Pay For Addiction Treatment

Acqua Recovery is in-network with many insurance providers, making paying for rehab simpler and more affordable. If your provider is in-network with us your out-of-pocket costs will be low. Here are the insurance providers we work with:

Acqua Recovery is delighted to be an in-network provider for a variety of insurance carriers, but we can also accept some out-of-network insurance providers. Are you wondering if your insurance will cover your stay at our Midway, Utah facility? The extent of your coverage depends on the specifics of your insurance policy. Take a moment to review your plan, verify your insurance using the link below, or reach out to us directly for a discussion about what to anticipate. We’re here to assist you on your journey to recovery.

Contact Acqua Recovery Today!

Our drug and alcohol rehab in Midway, Utah, is the perfect choice for those seeking respite from addiction. Our accommodations for those in residential addiction treatment programs feel and look luxurious. We also offer treatment for those with mental health challenges or a dual diagnosis. Our campus has beautiful scenery, wildlife, and landmarks. You will enjoy the serene setting as you work toward recovery.

Let us be your allies in the journey towards hope and freedom. Take the first step today by reaching out to Acqua Recovery, a leading residential rehab center in Utah. Whether you’re in Utah or Colorado, our dedicated team is ready to support you in overcoming mental health and substance use challenges. Choose to transform your life for the better. Contact us now, and let’s embark on the path to recovery together.

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