Patient-Centered, Pro-Recovery Residential Rehab

Utah addiction treatment centerAn evidence-based, holistic approach to addiction treatment is what sets Acqua Recovery apart from other residential treatment centers in Park City.

The center is tucked away in a peaceful, 12-acre property. It has resort-style accommodations, meditative spots, relaxing water features, and a host of amenities promoting mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

We’ve transformed a historic chateau, and its expansive grounds into an environment filled with compassion, empathy, and support for people undergoing alcohol abuse, drug addiction (including meth, opioid, opiate, cocaine, and more), and mental health disorders. Our trained staff members, many of whom are in recovery and have relatives struggling with substance abuse, have your best interests at heart.

Personalized Treatments

Our approach to substance abuse treatment in Utah is enhanced by the uniqueness of each patient. Therefore, we draw from the patient’s experiences, preferences, personality, needs, and values to guide our clinical decisions. We combine medically-informed therapies with experiential and meditative activities to deliver a holistic recovery experience.

Pro-Recovery Environment

Our comprehensive methodology, which includes cognitive-behavioral therapy, experiential therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and health and nutrition, provides a pro-recovery environment for each patient.

When patients leave our facility and reintegrate back into society, they will be equipped with essential life skills for self-reliance, and a safe transition into the next chapter of their lives.

Sanctuary for Healing

Our B&B-inspired rooms and common areas foster a sense of healing, belonging, and mutual acceptance. Similarly, patients are encouraged to share a room with other patients. They can join group counseling and engage in outdoor activities to establish lifelong habits, enjoyment, and real accountability.

Most importantly, our approach allows patients to connect, not just with others and the environment, but also with their inner self.

Acqua Recovery’s Promise To You

Your well-being comes first. Here’s our promise. We will:

  • Deliver a “first class” experience in a pro-recovery environment
  • Address trauma and core issues with the best research-based evidence available
  • Provide the most current education and experiences for your overall well-being
  • Support you mindfully with patience, compassion, and understanding
  • Teach you how to connect with yourself and others more effectively
  • Prepare you for self-reliance and safe transition into life’s next phases
  • Guide you towards making better choices and leading a pro-recovery life
  • Empower you to have your voice heard while teaching you better communication skills