Detox is more than just clearing the drugs and alcohol from your system. You feel great physically when you leave detox, but you still need help from a quality rehab program. In fact, your journey to a better life starts with a social drug and alcohol detox program.

What is a Social Drug and Alcohol Detox Program?Social Drug And Alcohol Detox Program and Social Detox Program Needs

Multiple types of detox exist, each helping millions of people end their physical addictions each year. Moreover, these programs usually last from about a week to ten days, depending on the substances you abuse and your individual level of addiction.

A social drug and alcohol detox program is more holistic than medical detox. Therefore, social drug and alcohol detox program treatment involves going through detox without adding any medications or other chemicals to your system. Instead, you go through detox naturally while staff watches your progress and ensures you stay healthy. For example, personal comforts, staff support, and nutrition play a major role in a social detox.

Not everyone can safely go through social detox, but this type of program suits others very well. Avoiding other medications keeps costs low and helps you avoid starting your sobriety with other medications. Furthermore, it breaks that cycle of turning to a pill, injection, or other chemical use to “just get through” your days.

Of course, some people in alcohol, benzo, heroin, or other opiate detox go through difficulties that require a doctor’s help. Experiencing life threatening symptoms means you need medication or other assistance outside of the social detox model. In these cases, your safety comes first.

According to SAMHSA, over 60% of people who went through a detox program ended up completing the program

What is Medical Detox?

The medical detox model helps people with severe withdrawal symptoms, such as those of opiate, benzo, and alcohol withdrawal, get through their withdrawal for a fresh start in sobriety. Specifically, medical detox provides helpful medications to relieve the worst symptoms and keep your health stable. In many ways, it is the opposite of the social detox model.

People who suffer mental illness or another health problem as a co-occurring condition of their addiction also do better in medical detox. Through medical assistance, you gain mental and physical stability. In many cases, for example, people do not know they have a secondary condition until they go through detox. Therefore, having caring medical professionals available makes the whole process easier and safer, should you need medical help.

You can start social drug and alcohol detox before switching to medical detox, if necessary. Regardless of how you start or end your detox program, you need help from caring professionals who seek to keep you healthy, comfortable, and sober. Furthermore, staff provide important support throughout your detox and that support proves invaluable.

Recovery is possible!

What happens during  a social drug and alcohol detox program?

  • You go through detox naturally, without any medications
  • Breaks the cycle of turning to a pill, injection, or drink to make it through the day
  • Staff monitor your progress carefully
  • Staff also provide you support so you stay comfortable and healthy

In addition to our social drug and alcohol detox, we also offer:

Addiction is one of the nation’s biggest concerns. If you are addicted to either alcohol or drugs, or both, it is critical to get treatment as soon as possible. Detox is the first step of treatment, and is crucial to the rehabilitation process, as one cannot be in recovery if one is still physically dependent on drugs or alcohol. After detox, choose a rehabilitation program that treats the addict as an individual and uses a variety of therapies and treatments to get to the heart of the addiction.  

Needed substance abuse treatment

Over 15% of adults aged 19-25 needed substance abuse treatment in 2018.

Only 1.6 million adults aged 19-25 received substance abuse treatment in 2018.

Only 1.6 million adults aged 19-25 received substance abuse treatment in 2018.

1.9 million Americans 26 years old or older received specialty substance abuse treatment in 2018.

1.9 million Americans 26 years old or older received specialty substance abuse treatment in 2018.


In 2017, over 22,000 people went through the detoxification process, according to SAMHSA

Which Type of Detox Do You Need?

Deciding upon the right detox for your recovery needs can be difficult. In fact, many people fear using medications after a lengthy period of addiction, while others fear not having access to those medications. This is why you need individual detox and rehab treatment. A program designed for your specific individual needs helps you gain the recovery you need, in the manner best suiting your concerns.

After detox, your true recovery begins in rehab. In addition, this is where clean living and quality nutrition play a major role, along with other program aspects and benefits. At Acqua Recovery, substance abuse treatment programs include:

Acqua Recovery’s Utah addiction treatment center provides the individualized treatment you need in a comforting, luxury environment. This treatment may start with a social drug and alcohol detox program. For more information about available programs and the right detox for you individual needs, call Acqua Recovery at 866.830.4628.

You are capable of making it through to recovery. Contact us today!