Opioid addiction is a growing problem in America. When this issue strikes close to home, it is important to learn all you can about the treatment methods available. The right opioid detox center can give you the increased quality of life you deserve. You will learn more about the options available to you in the information below.

Understanding Opioid AbuseOpioid Detox Center in Utah.

Opioids are a class of drugs that act on specific sites in the brain to reduce pain and promote pleasure. Additionally, opioids can be in the form of illicit drugs or prescription medications given to those with painful health issues. Both types of opioid drugs are highly addictive. Therefore, seeking help through a skilled opioid detox center is an essential step in recovery.

Signs of an Opioid Addiction

Finding the right opioid detox center for you will only be possible if you notice the signs of an addiction. The clues in the following list might alert you to a potentially serious problem:

Seeking Multiple Physicians

Those with an addiction to prescription opioids will often seek out multiple doctors. This is due to the fact that each physician will limit the amount of pills a person can receive in a given time period. Seeing more than one doctor may prevent the individual from running out of medication if he is using more than has been directed.

Hiding Addictive Behaviors

Some people go to great lengths to hide their addiction from friends and family. They may simply not want to enter an opioid detox center. Hidden behaviors can make detecting a serious problem much harder.

Mood Instability

Addictive drugs have a powerful effect on different areas of the brain. Therefore, they can greatly affect mood and personality. Those with an addiction may have a hard time controlling their emotions.

Problems Eating and Sleeping

Changes within brain chemistry can also greatly affect appetite and sleep. Those struggling with an addiction to opioids often lose their appetite and become restless. They may face additional nutrient deficiencies as a result of not eating enough on a regular basis.

How is an Opioid Addiction Treated?

Many types of addiction therapy services are available through a skilled opioid detox center. The following treatment methods are most commonly used in professional rehab facilities:


Detox is the process of carefully removing all traces of an addictive substance from the body. Furthermore, this process can often be accompanied by bothersome withdrawal symptoms that require constant monitoring. The right opioid detox center can make this process easier to go through.

Counseling and Support Groups

Personal and family counseling can provide a safe outlet for the discussion of all types of intimate issues that relate to addiction. Additionally, support groups can help the person feel less isolated during treatment.

Family Assistance

In most cases, the family members of those affected by addiction need professional help too. Moreover, the entire family may have severe trust and communication problems that need to be addressed professionally.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapies can help overturn self-defeating patterns of thinking. Therefore, by learning to think in a more positive way, a person will have a greater chance of making excellent behavioral decisions.

About Our Opioid Detox Center

Finding the correct detox center in Utah should not be an extra challenge to endure. However, Acqua Recovery Center is a skilled addiction rehab center in Salt Lake City, Utah. This facility takes pride in providing continual access to a diverse array of personalized programs in a safe and serene setting.

You don’t have to allow your problems with addiction to continue. Overall, you can get the help you need by seeking treatment at a high-quality opioid detox center. Contact Acqua Recovery Center today at 866.830.4628 to begin your healing journey.