alumni support programAftercare is a vital part of the addiction recovery process. In fact, recovery is a lifelong journey that requires a commitment to sobriety. Therefore, Acqua Recovery provides an alumni support program for our clients to be active in their recovery after leaving our facility. However, what is an alumni support program and how can it make an impact during my daily life?

Benefits of an Alumni Support Program

The transition back to daily life after rehab can be overwhelming. During residential treatment, you are completely removed from the negative influences in your life and environment that affected your addiction. Even with a successful treatment stay, returning home can often lead to relapse due to the stress of responsibilities, work, and relationships.

With this in mind, it’s important to continue being active in the recovery community. This is where Acqua’s alumni support program comes into play. In fact, by entering our alumni program, you will have access to further therapies, events, meetings, and resources that will help you creating lasting recovery in your life.

Our recovery coaching starts as soon as you come to Acqua and will help you reintegrate into your life with the confidence and support you deserve. Our recovery coaches will work with you for months after your stay to provide life, job, and family skills that can make all the difference in your transition.

Therapies Supplement Our Alumni Program

Is your recovery a top priority? If so, our alumni support program is here for you. Along with recovery coaching, meetings, and events, we offer further therapeutic options during the aftercare process.

For example, our therapies include:

As a result, you will continue down the right path while continuing to learn about the disease of addiction and the commitment it takes during recovery.

Seek Alumni Support At Acqua Recovery

With our alumni support program, you can return to your daily life without the fears of relapse. Additionally, you will begin to learn from others in recovery that are facing similar challenges. With this continuum of care, you can also help others who are currently facing rehabilitation.

For more information about our alumni program, contact Acqua Recovery today at 866.830.4628.