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The Gift of Recovery: Helping a Loved One Get Clean & Sober for the Holidays

By Acqua Recovery on December, 16 2020


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With the hustle and bustle of the holidays and trying to find everyone the “perfect” gift, we can sometimes forget to check in with our loved ones about their mental health. Quarantine restrictions have definitely made this even more imperative. Maybe you’re facetiming with family members you’d normally visit, leaving them lonely on the holidays. For someone struggling with substance abuse, the isolation of the pandemic can cause them to fall deeper down the black hole of addiction. The truth is, the best gift you could give anyone is the gift of recovery. Here’s how to help a loved one get clean and sober for the holidays:

Addiction Recovery Through Connection

If you know (or are worried) that a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, stay in touch and check in with them often. Maybe you’re across the country and can’t visit, but by using today’s technology, we can still help loved ones through tough times. Being cooped up and isolated will only exacerbate addiction, so use technology to talk with your loved one today — or everyday!

While you’re talking to your loved one, you can gently suggest that they use today’s communication apps to virtually attend an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meeting, or a meeting for another support group. You probably don’t know first-hand what it’s like to struggle with substance abuse. If your loved one is able to connect with individuals in recovery support groups, it will help your loved one fight loneliness and addiction at the same time. The best part is, they can “attend” meetings from their very own home. Give the gift of recovery through connection this holiday season and you might just save a life. For more information on recovery support groups to suggest to your loved one, give us at Acqua Recovery a call. We’ll not only help find AA meetings and alternatives near your loved one, but will help find Al Anon (support groups for the loved ones of addicts and alcoholics) near you as well.

Approach Your Loved One About Addiction

Helping a loved one get clean and sober during the holidays may seem difficult. Maybe you’re used to talking about subjects that are more holly jolly than substance abuse, but having that talk with them is the best gift you can give. Whether you’re using technology to check in, or your loved one lives under the same roof as you, having an honest discussion about the impact of their addiction is necessary. 

You can help solve your loved one’s substance abuse and mental health issues with residential addiction treatment. Where do you start? Approach your loved one in a calm and helping manner. They may give excuses as to why they don’t need residential treatment or may even convince you that they can stop on their own. The best way they can beat addiction, though, is with professional medical treatment. So, have the discussion with your loved one, as hard as it may be, to get help today. You might not get another chance. 

At Acqua Recovery, we will help your loved one reconnect with themselves and rediscover a new life with the gift of recovery. For more information on excuses your loved one may use to avoid addiction treatment and the truth behind their lies, click HERE

Find the Right Residential Addiction Treatment Facility

At Acqua Recovery, we understand that having a serious discussion about your loved one’s substance abuse can be difficult. To help your talk go over smoother, present your addicted loved one with a solution instead of just the problem — suggesting a residential addiction treatment facility, for example. The sad truth is, not all addiction treatment programs are equal.  Not all of them truly care about helping your loved one for the long term. At Acqua Recovery, we truly care about helping your loved one live a better life in recovery. We use a trauma-informed approach to treat addiction AND the underlying trauma that’s fueling it. Our Masters-level clinicians and dual-diagnosis program will give your loved one the life renewal they need to overcome their fight with addiction.

Get Residential Addiction Treatment Now

Addiction recovery is one present you definitely want your loved one to receive before Christmas. Don’t wait until after the holidays to help your loved one find a residential addiction treatment program. Substance abuse is truly a life or death situation and by immediately taking action, you may just save your loved one’s life. To learn more about the importance of getting addiction help sooner rather than later, click HERE.

Another reason to get help now instead of after the holidays is that health insurance deductibles start over on January 1. If your loved one seeks treatment before the beginning of 2021, odds are that they’ve already met their insurance deductible and residential addiction treatment may be more affordable. 

Unsure if you or your loved one can afford residential addiction treatment? Read our guide to affording addiction treatment, HERE. At Acqua Recovery, almost all of our staff have also been given the gift of recovery at a previous point in their lives and are passionate about helping those who now need the gift most. We believe that your financial situation shouldn’t be a factor in your loved one’s decision to seek help. Matt, Brian, and Ashlee, our caring admissions team, are alumni of the Acqua Recovery program themselves and will help you or your loved one figure out a payment plan that works for you. 

Give your loved one the gift of addiction recovery and reach out to us today. We’ll help your loved one start off their year clean, sober and on a better path in life.

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