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To start the Admissions process, call (866) 830-4628

For all other inquiries, call (866) 678-7501

Recognizing Drug Relapse Triggers
The possibility of relapse is always with those in recovery. While some believe relapse is an inevitable part of the recovery process, recognizing drug relapse triggers can help you avoid it. The good news is that there are several identifiable drug relapse triggers you can watch out for.


One of the most common drug relapse triggers is simple stress. Stress can come from lots of places, but work and family are the most common sources. There’s only so much you can do about limiting stress from family. That’s why it’s important that you develop healthy stress management techniques. Watch out for unexpected sources of stress at work, such as promotions or special responsibilities. While these can prove good things, they will add responsibilities and stress to your daily life. If you find the stress making you contemplate a return to using, it's important to seek out professional help.


Poor emotional coping often starts people down the path to addiction. That means that potent emotions like anger, sadness, and loneliness can serve as drug relapse triggers. You can avoid or prevent these emotions, at least not entirely. Moreover, you can remain vigilant for them. You can also prepare for them by learning coping techniques that let you channel and communicate the emotions in healthy ways. For example, rather than bury your anger, you can express it verbally using “I” statements.

People and Places Related to Your Drug Use

Another common drug relapse trigger is a place or person you associate with your drug use. With luck, you can mostly avoid those places and people. It can prove difficult in some cases, though, such as when a work colleague was also your dealer. In situations like that, limit your interactions with the person or ask for a transfer away from that person.

Treatment for Drug Relapse Triggers

You can seek out effective relapse treatment anywhere in the country. Some people seek treatment out of state for privacy reasons, but many people prefer treatment a little closer to home. Someone that lives in Utah, for example, would likely prefer a Utah addiction treatment center. That makes transportation easier and facilitates any family-oriented treatment. A solid rehab program will provide you with a diverse set of therapy options. By using more than one approach, you leave the program better equipped to maintain your recovery. Some therapy options include:

Acqua Recovery Center and Drug Relapse Triggers

Acqua Recovery Center offers a holistic approach that combines evidence-based treatments with nutrition, fitness, and recreation. Moreover, Acqua Recovery is near Park City, Utah. Relapse can feel like a huge setback but many people come back from it and go on to lifelong recovery. A solid rehab program can help you move past your relapse. Contact Acqua Recover at *DM_DirectNumber format=period* and find out how we can help.