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Addiction is a disease that not only consumes the individual, but also consumes their loved ones as well. The truth is, your loved one struggling with substance abuse — whether that be a son, daughter, family member, or significant other — needs professional help. What you can do is support them as they begin their journey to recovery and help them find a residential addiction treatment center

Tip 1: Research Addiction

If you educate yourself on addiction, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for in an addiction treatment facility. You shouldn’t assume all treatment centers offer programs that will actually help your loved one find long-term recovery. As mentioned, addiction is a disease and is exacerbated by years of trauma and undiagnosed mental health issues. At Acqua Recovery, we help your loved one build a foundation for lasting recovery.

Tip 2: Treating Addiction & Mental Health Issues With Dual Diagnosis

While researching addiction, you may come across the term, “dual diagnosis.” This means that the addiction and mental health disorders fueling it are both addressed. It’s imperative that you find a rehab program that offers this, otherwise your loved one may become subject to the cycle of relapse. At Acqua Recovery, we utilize a dual diagnosis approach to treatment for your loved one’ and their treatment plan will then be customized to your loved one’s needs, thus laying the seeds for a lasting recovery — and a better future with you.

Tip 3: Trauma-Informed Care for Addiction

Suppressed trauma is a driving factor for substance abuse, whether you’re aware of your loved one’s traumas or not. Looking for a rehab program that offers trauma-informed care, is definitely key to finding the right residential addiction treatment program for your loved one. Trauma-informed care is based on understanding how the brain processes trauma and the triggers that set off the “urge” for outside coping sources — especially drugs and alcohol.  At Acqua, our Masters-level clinicians will help your loved one uncover those triggers and help them find alternative coping mechanisms. To learn more about the coping mechanisms your loved one will be introduced to while at Acqua Recovery, click HERE.

Tip 4: Addiction Treatment Staff That Cares

A great way to find the right residential addiction treatment program is to get a feel for the program's staff. Some large and corporate addiction treatment facilities may see your loved one as just a number in their revolving door of patients. As your loved one spends 30-90 days in residential addiction treatment, you want them to be working with a clinician and staff that truly cares that they find lasting recovery. At Acqua Recovery, our staff has personal and professional experience with addiction recovery. Some of our staff are even alumni success stories themselves! Our admissions team — Matt, Brian, and Ashlee — have all graduated from Acqua Recovery’s residential program and are here to help guide you and your loved one to treatment and lasting recovery.

Contact Acqua Recovery

Acqua Recovery is a 20-bed residential addiction treatment facility located in Midway, Utah that specializes in trauma-informed treatment and dual diagnosis. Not only do we offer an evidence-based in-patient program, but we also offer outpatient addiction treatment and men’s sober living. If you’re concerned with COVID-19 and the Delta Variant, we’d like to offer you peace of mind. We have been and will continue to follow practices encouraged by the CDC and have our staff cleaning around the clock to ensure our clients are as safe as possible during their journey of healing. To learn more about our customized approach to treatment and to help your loved one renew their life, give us a call today

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