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What You Can Expect from Your First Night in Rehab
Your first day in a rehab center consists of intake, paperwork, Q&A, and learning the ropes. However, once you have settled in and you have some time to reflect, what can you expect from your first night in rehab? Furthermore, are you equipped to handle your first night? Let’s take a closer look at the first night at the residential rehab treatment center in Utah.

“What Am I Doing Here?”

Fear and uncertainty are a normal part of rehab. In fact, every time you get to the next level of your recovery, you’ll be wondering how you got there and if you can keep going. These feelings are most intense in the early stages of recovery. So, do not be surprised if you lie in bed and wonder if you can or even want to move forward. Part of the reason why you may feel uncertain is that the pattern you’ve developed over a period of months or years is being interrupted. Life change is never easy. Therefore, it often invokes hesitation and doubt. However, you can feel confident that you are making the right choice. The negativity you feel on your first night will pass quickly.

“I Can’t Sleep!”

Sleep problems are common with people who are going through rehab the first time. There are several things that can cause insomnia on the first night. For instance, you may still be battling cravings or light withdrawal symptoms from your addiction. Sharing a room with a stranger may also be a bit unsettling. You are likely going through mixed emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, or fear. All of these emotions can keep you awake at night. As you continue with your treatment, you will become more relaxed and able to sleep. Your therapist may also work with you to teach you sleep strategies.

“I Crave My Drug!”

If you just completed the social drug and alcohol detox center program in Utah, your cravings may carry over into rehab. They can feel intense enough to keep you from sleeping on your first night and several nights afterward. Fortunately, your therapist may be able to give you medication to curb your cravings and keep you from relapsing. In your upcoming therapy, your treatment specialist will also teach you ways that you can manage your cravings. Through cognitive-behavioral therapy or a meditation therapy program in Utah, you can identify what causes the cravings and work a strategy to keep you strong during these times.

“Who Are These People?”

Many people enter rehab thinking that they are different from everyone else and that no one fully understands their situation. As a result, the first night can feel awkward. As time goes by, you may quickly discover that everyone else is actually just like you: regular people who suffer from an addiction. You will eventually reach out to others in rehab as a means of support and accountability. Through your support groups, you will learn a lot from different perspectives as everyone shares their thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

Have a Successful First Night Towards Your New Life

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