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How to Deal with Holiday Stress
A common trigger in addiction recovery is stress. Whether it’s work, family, health, or personal issues, stress may make you feel the need for self-medication. You may need to strengthen your relapse prevention plan. So, if you are looking for ways to deal with holiday stress, continue reading for some stress-release tips.

Talk About Your Stress

One of the reasons you may be tempted to turn to drugs or alcohol is because you don’t share your thoughts or feelings. You are more likely to handle your situation better if you acknowledge your feelings. Don’t be afraid to talk to your therapist, support group, or family about your anxiety. It’s okay to ‘vent’ or cry from time to time. Once you get your thoughts out, you will release the stress and feel a lot better. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to be right or wrong when you talk about your feelings. Instead, the idea is to explore your feelings and get to the root of the stress. If relapse temptations are high, reach out for help with relapse prevention therapy in Utah.

Be Realistic with Your Expectations

If your recovery is your primary focus right now, then you don’t have to worry about celebrating the perfect holiday. Now that you are sober, the season may look a lot different than it did last year. The importance is to be prepared. Prepare for and embrace the changes to reduce holiday stress for yourself. These changes may include saying no to some parties or events. If you are the person that usually goes all out during Christmas, then learn to delegate this year. Also, if your finances can’t bear the weight of all those Christmas purchases, then downsize. It’s okay to have an off-year in order to maintain your sobriety. If you have a supportive family, then they will understand what is at stake.

Reconcile Your Broken Relationships to Reduce Holiday Stress

One of the best gifts you may give someone this year is an apology or a willingness to put aside your differences. Reach out to friends, family, or coworkers who you’ve had conflict with in the past. Set aside your grievances and find ways to strengthen your relationships. This frame of mind can provide healing in your core family or in-laws, where positive relationships are not easy to cultivate. Try to do a lot of listening this holiday season and learn to accept people for who they are to avoid holiday stress. Celebrate your differences – don’t fight over them. Contact Acqua Recovery if holiday stress becomes too much to manage on your own.

Stay Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically Healthy

It’s not uncommon to drop good habits during the holidays and replace them with bad habits. Overindulgence in any area of your life can add to your holiday stress and guilt. Once again, it’s a trigger for a relapse. So, if you are going to prevent a relapse, then stay mentally and physically healthy. Keep going to the gym, eat healthily, and go to your support group meetings. Find ways to volunteer in your community and stay active. Spend time with people who will build you up and not tear you down.

Get Help for Addiction at Acqua Recovery

Are you currently dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol? We can help. Acqua Recovery offers addiction treatment and care for mental health disorders. We provide resources and treatments that include: We can help you manage your holiday stress this season. Call us at [Direct] to get started with relapse prevention.