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To start the Admissions process, call (866) 830-4628

For all other inquiries, call (866) 678-7501

Paying for Drug Rehab
There are two main reasons why people don't seek the addiction treatment that they need. Firstly, they often fear the unknown or simply don't know what to expect from rehab. Secondly, they don't think that they have enough money. Although most people think that paying for drug rehab isn't affordable, they can cover the expense in multiple ways. Rehab insurance coverage is readily available through many providers today.

Paying for Drug Rehab With Insurance

Some people still aren't aware that the government has changed how health insurers deal with substance abuse treatment. Insurance companies must provide coverage for people who have pre-existing diseases and struggle with addiction. Because of that, some people have rehab insurance coverage and don't even know it. Keep in mind, however, that individual insurance policies determine people's amount of coverage. To find out how much that their insurance companies will pay, they should review their specific plans.

Using Money From Savings AccountsPaying for Drug Rehab in Utah.

Saving money is a great idea. It gives people something to fall back on when unexpected expenses arise. With that said, most people hate dipping into their savings. However, it's important for them to remember why the savings is there in the first place. Paying for drug rehab with savings can be a good idea. Instead of looking at it as paying for treatment, they should see it as making an investment into their future. If they don't get help for drug addiction, they're likely to dip into their savings to feed the addiction anyway. At least using it to pay for rehab puts them on the road to recovery.

Applying for a Personal or Medical Loan

What do people do when they don't have enough insurance coverage or savings to cover the bill? Believe it or not, they still have options. One idea is to get a personal or medical loan to pay for the remaining amount. Then, they repay the loan in installments. It's important for people to look for loans that offer low interest rates. The lower that the interest rate is, the less money that the loan costs in the end. At the same time, it's important to pay attention to the monthly payment. They should look for loans that fit within their monthly budget.

Financing With the Rehab Center

The last option is to simply talk to the rehab center about paying for drug rehab. In most cases, facilities want to help people and work out payment plans to make their services affordable. They can even verify insurance coverage, which gives people an idea of how much that their treatment will cost.

Get Help for Addiction Today

At Acqua Recovery Center, we want to do everything that we can to help people get addiction treatment. As such, we aim to provide affordable treatment options. We also offer a wide range of services for our programs, such as: Don't let money stop you from getting the addiction treatment that you need. Learn more about the options available when it comes to paying for drug rehab. Reach out to us today at *DM_DirectNumber format=period* to get help.