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Acqua Recovery Introduces Our New Sober Living Manager: Chris S.

By Acqua Recovery on February, 25 2021


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Acqua Recovery


Acqua Recovery alumnus Chris S. is now the manager of Acqua’s very own men’s sober living residence. Chris shares his story on the importance of building a lasting recovery after addiction treatment and the support you can find within the right sober living house.

While residential treatment is great for getting your head straight and starting to build a foundation in your recovery, I believe that what you do immediately after makes all the difference in your continued success. If you have the opportunity to enroll in IOP and spend some time in a sober living environment, take it! Following my time at Acqua I went to sober living and IOP. 

Past experience taught me that going right back into the environment I had come from would be self-sabotage and that it wouldn’t be long until I relapsed. The idea of starting over that way is scary. The decision to do so is hard to make, and — like anything else — you get out of it what you put into it. In sober living, I was still held accountable for continuing in my recovery by attending meetings, having nightly check-ins and random UA’s , and taking care of myself and my living space.  More importantly, I was surrounded by people who were living through what I was, and who were working to achieve the same goal: living a life in sobriety. Best of all, I had support from staff – an ear to listen, recommendations on things to do, a reference or referral if I needed one, and so much more. 

As manager of Acqua Sober Living Residence, I want to give others the positive experience that I had. I work everyday to foster an environment of positivity and hope, of building connection, taking responsibility, of inclusiveness, and of continued success in recovery. I am a huge proponent of going through an IOP while in sober living and will encourage and support it in our residents. Residents will be required to work, volunteer, or be looking for work while living at our home. Daily chores are assigned and participation in weekly deep cleaning and house meetings is required as well. I have an open door policy for residents and am available to provide resources or guidance as needed at any time. I have never been one to say “I don’t know.” With me, the worst you will get will be, “I’ll find out for you.” 

For more information about our Acqua Recovery’s residential addiction treatment and sober living program, reach out to us today. You or your loved one can finally find serenity in a lasting recovery.

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