At Acqua Recovery, we offer cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, to address dysfunctional behaviors, emotions, or thoughts. However, what is CBT and how can you utilize this type of psychotherapy during addiction treatment?

Specifically What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

CBT and cognitive behavioral therapy definition.Specifically, CBT is a form of psychotherapy that helps modify thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors. This increases happiness with a focus on creating solutions to your addiction issues.

By removing destructive patterns of behavior in your life, you can overcome your addiction with a path to life-changing sobriety. Cognitive behavioral therapy will help you recognize if these behaviors, emotions, and thought patterns are directly affecting your addiction. Furthermore, CBT will reveal whether they are the root causes of your substance abuse in the first place.

Change Your Thinking With CBT

CBT will help you change your thinking, away from addiction and into more positive actions and thoughts. Moreover, this is a hands-on approach, in which you will work with our professional therapists and counselors to understand your cognitive processes, such as your images, beliefs, and attitudes.

Cognitive behavioral therapy came into the public’s eye in the 1960s through the work of psychoanalyst Aaron Beck. Dr. Beck recognized that his patients were having internal dialogue in their minds. Specifically, they were having conversations with themselves. This dialogue directly influences your decisions, emotions, and more.

Additional Therapies at Acqua Recovery

Outside of CBT, we offer a wide range of therapeutic options for our clients. For example, these include a holistic addiction treatment approach, with therapies such as:

In addition, we offer dialectical behavior therapy and family therapy. By combining various modalities, we can give you the structure you require to completely focus on your recovery.

CBT at Acqua Recovery

Are you struggling with negative thought patterns that are influencing substance abuse in your life? If so, CBT at Acqua Recovery may be the perfect program for you.

To learn more about cognitive behavioral therapy, reach out to our clinical team today at 866.830.4628. In fact, find clarity and positivity through your thoughts and emotions today, overcoming addiction and promoting overall wellness.