People who abuse drugs and alcohol rarely just hurt themselves. They almost always have loved ones who often watch helplessly as addiction threatens to destroy their lives. Once a user decides to get clean, counseling will be a large part of the recovery process. This includes individual, group and family therapy. How does family counseling help not only the person grappling with addiction but his loved ones as well?

The Importance of Family Therapy

If you care about someone who’s fighting addiction, you’re fighting, too. You’ve no doubt felt a range of conflicting emotions, including sadness, confusion, anger, shame and guilt. You want your loved one to quit, but it seems your efforts to help him aren’t appreciated.

In fact, family therapy is an important part of rehab.Because addiction creates so much damage to the family unit, it’s important for everyone involved to participate in therapy. Addiction has impacted you in some ways, just as it’s negatively affected your loved one.

Users need to heal, but so do the people who care about them.

Goals for Family Therapy

Each family has its own issues coming into therapy. When addiction enters the picture, a home’s dynamics greatly shift. Each person may take on a different role and a new “normal” is established. It may be a damaged normal, but it’s how the family unit operates due to drug and alcohol abuse.

Some family members fall into enabling behaviors. They’ve made excuses or covered up for the user. They may feel a great sense of resentment because they’ve taken on so many responsibilities.

Other family members may be traumatized from the toll addiction has taken. They no longer feel safe. Maybe they have withdrawn or are now dealing with serious mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

One of the main goals of therapy is restoring a healthy family unit. This includes making everyone feel safe and valued. If communication has completely broken down, a counselor in family therapy will work to repair that.

Family members will also learn how addiction works. They’ll realize that users are powerless in the face of drug and alcohol abuse. They may also learn to stop their enabling behaviors or how to productively handle stressful situations that are inevitable to every family.

Specifically, support is invaluable to someone battling addiction. Knowing that her loved ones fully support her recovery efforts can be a huge motivator for staying clean. Users with a solid support system behind them have a lower risk of relapse. This can result in restoring the complete family unit.

Residential Rehab That Puts Your Recovery First

Has drug and alcohol addiction damaged you and your family? Acqua Recovery Center can help with family therapy. In fact, we’re an addiction treatment facility in Salt Lake City that focuses on total recovery: mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Each resident has a daily addiction treatment schedule designed to provide a sense of structure. Moreover, this is often comforting to those coming from a chaotic environment where addiction ruled everything. Our facility maintains a tranquil, serene atmosphere and offers a range of enjoyable amenities.

Our addiction therapy services are transparent and innovative. For example, we provide:

It’s time to repair the damage drug and alcohol addiction has done to you and your loved ones. Let the caring professionals at Acqua Recovery Center restore your health and balance with family therapy. Reach out to us today at 866.830.4628 to learn more about how you can overcome addiction.