What is a holistic addiction treatment approach?Addiction recovery is continuously evolving in today’s world. Therefore, at Acqua Recovery, we take a holistic addiction treatment approach. With this approach, we treat the mind, body, and spirit through innovative and experiential therapies.

Treatment should always include evidence-based modalities. However, Acqua Recovery recognizes that addiction treatment is much more than traditional therapy. For your best possible chance at sobriety, a holistic addiction treatment approach will include treatment that provides total healing and wellness.

What is a Holistic Addiction Treatment Approach?

You may be wondering, what is holistic addiction treatment? In fact, this approach considers the whole person. This includes your mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Therefore, treating one without the others may lead to further addiction or relapse after rehab.

At Acqua Recovery, we strive to ensure you won’t struggle with complications of relapse after you leave our facility. Additionally, with a holistic addiction treatment approach, you can rest easily knowing your treatment is geared to covering all aspects of your addiction.

Furthermore, this will help you develop coping skills and relapse prevention techniques. For example, holistic treatments at Acqua Recovery include:

As a result of the holistic addiction treatment approach, you will learn how to find joy in your sobriety through activities that translate to daily life.

Programs At Acqua Recovery

Along with our therapeutic options, we provide specific addiction treatment programs for our clients. For example, these include:

No matter the substance you are struggling to overcome, Acqua Recovery will work with you to develop the proper treatment plan.

Find Your Path at Acqua Recovery

With the guidance of our clinical team, you can create your own path to recovery. In addition, we will support your growth in sobriety while providing the treatments and amenities you deserve to focus on sobriety.

To learn more about our holistic addiction treatment approach, contact Acqua Recovery today at 866.830.4628. In fact, with relentless focus, our staff will help you gain balance in your life and lasting sobriety.