In addiction treatment you experience many new events, activities and feelings. If you face your first time in rehab, this experience opens you to wide range of services and treatment methods. One such method is individual therapy. You possibly fear one-on-one talk therapy in rehab, but this therapy helps you make big, positive changes in your life.

For individual therapy, also called talk therapy, you meet with a licensed counselor in a private space. You talk about your past, problems in your life, what bothers you and even your hopes for the future. Through these sessions you understand yourself better and develop clearer pathways to a better, sober life.

How Individual Therapy Benefits You

In your talk therapy sessions, you get in touch with your thoughts and feelings. You learn what motivated you to start abusing drugs or alcohol, before your addiction took hold. Your therapist lets you do most of the talking. But they guide you and help you interpret your deepest thoughts, experiences and emotions.

Individual Therapy in Utah.You develop strong trust with your therapist. If you do not feel this trust after several sessions, you need to discuss this with them, or with another counselor. After addiction, trust is difficult to build with others. So give it time and put forth your best effort to get the most from this important rehab relationship.

In your active addiction, you did not accept or allow yourself to feel your emotions. You used your substances to self-medicate. While sobriety is new, you experience your emotions for the first time in many months or years. In the process, you must deal with past trauma, abuses and other difficult life journeys in individual counseling.

When your feelings take over in or after individual counseling, it causes discomfort. Some people find themselves in a dark mood. Others feel grouchy, weepy, angry and hurt.

However you feel your emotions with individual therapy, bear in mind these feelings represent great progress. They enable you to learn so much more about yourself, as you start living a better life.

Other Rehab Services Needed for Healthy Recovery

Many parts of your existence became tied up and damaged in your substance abuse. So in rehab, you start healing yourself and fixing the problems in your life. Some of this takes place in individual therapy. Other progress is made through other types of programs and services.

Among the other programs and services you need are family therapy, group therapy, and recovery coaching. Family therapy bridges gaps between you and these important people in your life. You mend relationships and work together to create the future you truly want. Your family learns about addiction and co-occurring conditions, so they know how to help you in healthy ways during recovery.

Group therapy helps you learn how to build healthy relationships. You also gain a greater sense of self-confidence, self-awareness and hurdles you create when relating to others. You learn how others see you and value your support. At the same time, you enjoy gaining support from others in the group.

Group therapy serves to help you maintain sobriety, in that you learn what works and does not work for others. If you choose to use their examples in your own life, this means you find an easier road to better living. You gain better problem-solving and stress less when hurdles present themselves to you.

Having individual therapy also provides support and guidance for better daily living. Your recovery coach helps you learn personal accountability and responsibility for your choices.

Individualized Treatment in Salt Lake City, UT

In Salt Lake City, Acqua Recovery Center provides a broad range of programs and addiction therapy services. These programs and services include:

For the help and support you need to gain sobriety and lasting recovery, call Acqua Recovery Center now at 866.830.4628. Through individual therapy and other rehab services you can live a better life.