Trying to forget an unresolved trauma is one of the leading causes of drug and alcohol addiction. Both trauma and addiction are intimately linked. Many people turn to substance use to escape the pain of their traumatic experiences. The true way out is through a trauma therapy program. This program should include dialectical behavior therapy as a foundation for your recovery.

What is a Trauma Therapy Program?Trauma Therapy Program in Utah.

Physical or emotional trauma can affect a person’s life for many years after a negative experience. Overall, trauma therapy is a valuable way of helping the person overcome pain, distress, and dysfunction that often follows.

This person has lived through an overwhelmingly threatening experience. In addition, the event left them struggling to cope with daily life. Therapy can help them feel safe and secure. As a result, talking to a therapist can bring a sense of control back into their life.

There is not one specific type of therapy related to trauma. For example, a variety of therapeutic methods are used alone or combined based on individual need. Help allows the person to deal with their emotional distress and move on with their life.

Who Benefits from a Trauma Therapy Program?

Distressing ordeals have a negative impact on a person’s daily life. They may live with constant fear of being hurt again. Flashbacks of the traumatic experience causes them to relive the pain all over again.

These occurrences may prevent the person from having a normal life. They go through feelings of isolation and anxiety. Add shame and they may also have a hard time maintaining close relationships.

Their emotional distress may lead to self-medicating with drugs or alcohol. However, the trauma therapy program tries to decrease symptoms such as:

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Shame

Mood-altering substances may bring temporary relief, but does not allow the person to heal. In fact, continued substance use can lead to poor health and addiction.

In general, trauma recovery can help the person get their life back on track. The effects of their experience can ruin their chances of living a healthy, happy life. Therapy helps them find effective ways to manage their thoughts and feelings.

Treatments in a Trauma Therapy Program

A trauma therapy program helps a person overcome the impact a traumatic event had on their life. Furthermore, various options can achieve the goals the person and their therapist set at the beginning of treatment.

Being aware of their trauma, how they react and what triggers distressful memories is crucial. Perhaps the person wants to confront their abuser or simply find peace. These things can be accomplished during various treatment approaches.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy occurs between the person and their therapist. Specifically, they discuss the traumatic event in a supportive, safe environment. Talking about what happened helps them learn how to deal with the memories in productive ways.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a form of talk therapy where the person replaces negative emotions and memories. They learn new ways of thinking and behaving so they can cope. Their therapist encourages them to clearly think about the experience during this type of trauma therapy program.

Identifying memories of the trauma enables them to change how they feel and think about the experience. In fact, the goal is to help them gain control of the distressful memories.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

DBT is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that also focuses on changing a person’s beliefs and thoughts. Moreover, the goal is helping the person become motivated to change damaging behaviors. They learn new skills that decrease self-destructive behaviors masked as coping mechanisms.

Get Expert Help to Overcome Trauma

Acqua Recovery Center offers addiction therapy services for trauma-related conditions. Additionally, our experienced and knowledgeable therapists can help you develop positive thought patterns that keep horrific memories in the past.

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