Addiction Treatment Aftercare

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Midway, Utah

Acqua Recovery

When you leave Acqua Recovery, it's not really the end of your healing. It's the beginning.

Each client lays the foundation for a life in recovery during their stay with us, and we ensure that they continue the work to build it through our aftercare program.

Just like addiction treatment varies for each individual, so too does aftercare. We work with each individual patient to prepare for a successful life after residential treatment.

Our Addiction Recovery Coaching Program

Everyone deserves the continued support they need in early recovery. Meet our recovery coaches.

Our addiction recovery coaching program is truly one-of-a-kind. At Acqua, each client is teamed up with a Nationally-Certified Recovery Coach that will build a relationship of trust to support the recovery process. The coaches closely follow each client's progress during and after treatment, providing encouragement, feedback, and the opportunity for adjustments along the way.

Reconnecting in a healthy way with other individuals is a very important part of recovery. Our recovery coaching program is a great way to create the sense of connection and accountability that fosters lasting addiction recovery.


Aftercare in Utah

During treatment, you will begin to understand your patterns of thinking and action. Our Masters-level clinicians will help you find the root causes of your addiction and help you begin to heal them.

For many, though, that healing must be a lifelong process. As you come to the end of your stay at Acqua, our case manager will work with you to identify appropriate next steps. Perhaps you may want to enter Acqua's Outpatient Program here in Utah, join our men's sober living program, or maybe find a different sober living that's right for you. It might even be time for you to fly home and get back to your family and career. 

No matter what your vision for the future, our team will ensure that you are set up for success: continued healing and recovery.

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Our Alumni Program

Located near Park City, Utah, and not far from Salt Lake City and Provo, Acqua Recovery is a hub of continued recovery in Utah. Many alumni return for weekly 12-Step meetings and other community activities. There also is an active, private online community where alumni of our program can connect and offer each other encouragement in their new lives. We encourage continued connection between alumni, so they can support and inspire each other to build upon the lessons of their time in our program. Once you're here, you will always have a home at Acqua.


Lifelong Addiction Support

Acqua Recovery is more than just a place. Once you've been here, the spirit of our community flows through you forever. The lessons learned and connections made in our community will sustain you for years to come. Our programming is built to ensure it.

Take the first step to transforming your life.

Simply call us or even just send a chat to find out whether Acqua Recovery could be the right decision for you. Our patient-centered approach starts on that phone call. If we're not right for you, we'll help you find someplace that is. Let us show you how much we care.