Meet Your Partners in Recovery

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Midway, Utah

Executive Team


David Greenberg’s career spans over 35 years as a senior executive, lawyer, and chief ethics and compliance officer – but he believes that the opportunity to guide Acqua is his most important contribution to society.  David also serves on the board of directors of a global NYSE company and as an advisor to CEOs and boards on how cultures of integrity drive business results.  He brings all that experience to Acqua’s mission and business.

DAN PARRISH President and Chief Operations Officer

Dan Parrish was named President and Chief Operations Officer of Acqua Recovery in September 2019. He joined the team in 2018 as Director of Marketing and has made a career-long commitment to help those struggling with addiction and its underlying mental health and behavioral causes and triggers.

His mission is to ensure every individual receives the treatment and education necessary to recover and to find the resources that best suit their needs. With over 10 years of sobriety, Dan brings true empathy to those in distress and believes the path to recovery starts with each individual finding their true self. “Addiction is a disease we can only successfully treat by meeting it with compassion and honesty. If we do not find the reason why the cycle of self-medication started, how can we find the road to sobriety?” Dan is passionate about creating a program that facilitates long term success in both Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

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Medical Team

Dr. Daniel Pickrell Medical Director

Dr. Pickrell is a physician with interests in addiction and psychiatry. He strives to identify the underlying cause of substance use. His understanding of addiction as the overlapping symptoms of biopsychosocial development is the foundation to his care model. He is committed to helping both patients and families understand that addiction is a treatable medical illness. He has been involved in the treatment of addiction for the last 17 years. 

His experience with patients suffering from addiction and mental health issues is what motivated him to attend medical school. Like many people in the substance abuse field his life has been directly impacted by the illness of addiction. This has helped him develop a unique understanding that each patient is an individual and requires an individual treatment plan. He values patient autonomy and is committed to assisting patients in developing a recovery plan that they can embrace. Acqua is the perfect location for Dr. Pickrell, as he can frequently be found fishing on the nearby Provo river. His love for the outdoors and an active lifestyle has drawn him to the beautiful Wasatch Front.

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Amberly Krop
Nurse Practitioner

Amberly Krop received her Nursing degree from the University of Utah where she is now an ER Charge Nurse. Her 23 year career at the University Hospital has given her extensive experience in acute detox. Over the last 6 years Amberly has been treating Recovery patients with her compassion and knowledge in the field.

Amberly loves to spend time outdoors with her family mountain biking and hiking. She loves animals as much as she does humans.

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Morgan Woolstenhulme Medical Liaison

Morgan started working for Acqua back in December 2016. She has worked in several departments starting as a cook in the kitchen, moving to a psych-tech position, and now is currently our Medical liaison. Morgan has worked as a CNA/MA, and a Med-tech at a few other facilities and has a passion for helping others. Her career goal is to finish medical school and get a nursing degree so she can continue to help others. 

Her favorite thing about Acqua is the family we create and care for. When Morgan isn’t working, she’s usually off doing something outdoors. She enjoys meeting new people, traveling, working out, riding dirt bikes, and spending time with her friends and family.

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Clinical Team

Gloria Anderson
CMHC (Clinical Mental Health Counselor)
Clinical Director

Gloria is inspired to help people grow and reach their full potential. She has pursued this passion through over a decade of counseling and teaching in the field of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, working in university settings and in outpatient, intensive outpatient and long-term residential treatment centers, including the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. 

Gloria is a licensed clinical mental health counselor, holds a Master’s in Counseling and Psychology and is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Gloria and her family are transplants from New York City, and enjoys the way that living in Utah allows them to connect to each other, the community and the outdoors. She loves the energy, compassion and willingness of Acqua colleagues to change when it means better care and better outcomes for our residents. Her counseling and administrative skills are a key part of Acqua’s clinical team; her intelligence, humor and hard work are a key part of our family here.

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Jannell Jones
ACMHC (Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor)
Masters-Level Clinician

Jannell has lived in Heber since the age of 4. She always said she would leave Heber some day and yet she is so grateful she stayed. Jannell comes from a large family and has 5 siblings. She has had interest in wanting to become a therapist starting from when she was in high school. It took her some time to complete the process. She has been married for 22 years and together her and her husband have 5 daughters. 

All of her daughters are grown and living their own lives which makes being an empty nester really fun for Jannell. She went back to school in 2012 and completed her bachelors in behavioral science in 2015 at Utah Valley University and then went on to complete her masters degree in August 2018 at University of Phoenix. She began working in a private practice office until she received the opportunity to come to Acqua. During her time in private practice she saw many clients who suffered with addictions and often referred them to inpatient care. She has a deep place in her heart for anyone struggling with addiction due to those clients, family members and friends that she has seen struggle over the years. Jannell has wanted to be a part of the process of helping those in need.

Jannell think the hardest part of going through the process with one of the clients is knowing and watching them be ready to leave. She feels like a mother bird who sends her little birds out of the nest to fly on their own. She wants them all to continue on their journey and have the greatest success. Jannell is so grateful to be apart of the lives of the clients here.

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Becky Bell
ACMHC (Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor)
Masters-Level Clinician

Becky has a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Phoenix, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Utah. Becky has received training in Mind-Body Bridging (trauma and mindfulness), Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

Becky’s career as a therapist has focused on the arena of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders and is passionate about working with those in recovery. Outside of work, Becky enjoys traveling (particularly in National Parks), reading as much as possible, and playing with her daughter and dog.

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Matt Biekert Director of Admissions

Matt was born and raised in North Stonington, Connecticut. He has always been a close-knit family guy. When he is not working you can find him outside, playing sports, being a prankster and enjoying a great laugh. His favorite hobbies are playing golf, photography and travel.

Matt had his own struggles with addiction and is very proud to share his story of recovery and his passion for the mission of Acqua. He found his way to Acqua in search of treatment – he was actually our second patient!! He was very excited to join our team on his 1 year sobriety anniversary. He likes to say that he helped open the center (as a patient) and we have never been able to get rid of him! [Editor’s note: we hope we keep him forever.]

He began at Acqua by helping create a small, Alumni program, and then transitioned to Outreach and marketing, which is a natural for him because he loves to connect with people from all walks of life who are seeking help. In February 2018, Matt was promoted to Admissions Director; because he is so passionate about his work he never feels like it is a job to help guide people on the path to recovery.

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Brian Knight Outreach Specialist

Brian grew up in a small town in Wisconsin. He has always appreciated the need for family and community. Brian enjoys being active by exercising, playing all sorts of sports, and being outdoors. His favorite activities are soccer and ice fishing.

Brian had his own battle with addiction. His story led him to seek treatment in Utah in 2015. After completing treatment Brian decided to continue his care in the Utah community. It’s there where he started to find his purpose. Through different work with sober gyms, sober sports, and support groups Brian began to realize his passion for helping others.

Brian began at Acqua as the alumni director in 2017. In the spring of 2018, Brian had a strong desire to be closer to his family as well as help bring resources to the people of the Midwest. Brian transitioned to an outreach and admissions role. Brian can passionately help and relate to individuals who are struggling as he leads them in their journey of recovery.

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Ashlee Christensen Outreach Specialist

Ashlee is a native to Midway, UT. She feels the most at home when she is in nature. Ashlee enjoys learning about and participating in a variety of healing modalities. She enjoys being creative and connecting with people through music. Her family means the world to her and she loves playing with her sweet little dog, Pabu.

Ashlee struggled with substance abuse herself and is honored to share her story of recovery. It wasn’t until she came to Acqua in 2018 as a resident that she surrendered and chose into a new way of being. The sacred land at Acqua called her home and provided her with the sanctuary she needed to heal. She is grateful for the time she spent at Acqua, as it inspired her passion to help others and step into her own gifts.

As an alumni of Acqua Recovery, Ashlee became a Recovery Coach in June of 2019. Through this role, she deepened her passion for helping and inspiring others to find their path to recovery. Ashlee is now excited to be a part of Acqua’s admissions team as an Outreach Specialist and to help people find freedom from addiction. She understands firsthand how difficult it can be to find the right treatment center for yourself or your loved one, and deeply cares about making that process as seamless as possible.

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Marketing & Outreach

mario salcedo Director of Marketing

Mario Salcedo grew up in Houston, Texas. He is passionate about helping patients with mental health and substance abuse issues. Mario has a range of training and experience from working in hospitals, substance abuse, and mental health facilities for patients of all ages. 

Mario has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Utah Valley University and an MBA from Westminster. Mario enjoys hiking, snowboarding, working out, and anything outdoors. Mario understands addiction firsthand and has been in recovery since 2004. He is proud to work with the dedicated team at Acqua Recovery. He has dedicated himself to helping others find sobriety and a passion for life.

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On-Site Staff

joel carlson office manager

Joel joined the Acqua team back in June of 2016, where he worked as a front line staff member for three years. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management in December of 2019, from Utah Valley University, he returned to Acqua where he now works in the administrative office as the office manager and safety officer. As a native to the Northwest, Joel has a strong love for the outdoors and athletics. 

Having experience with family members and friends struggling with addiction throughout his life, Joel has developed a love and passion for helping those who fight this battle. Joel is looking forward to beginning graduate school at the University of Utah next spring and has an overall goal of achieving a Ph.D. to teach at the university level later in life. Joel is a Certified Recovery Coach and has personal ties to suicide prevention and other mental health awareness groups, donating his time when he can. Joel has a firm belief that life is meant to be enjoyed and that sober life can help everyone reach their true potential.

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JoeDe Dudley Alumni Director / Case Manager

JoeDe has been with Acqua Recovery almost from the start. He says, "Over my time with Acqua, I've seen a lot of people come through our doors. Some have made it; others have not; a few have come back. I like to focus on the ones that are still in recovery and the struggle continued recovery brings. I understand all too well, having been living in recovery myself for the last 10 years." 

To JoeDe, the single most important aspect of staying in recovery is staying connected with people. Therefore, he facilitates three aftercare meetings a week. According to JoeDe, "The ones attending the meeting regularly seem to achieve longer recovery, have fewer relapses, struggle less and have an overall better quality of life. The people attending aftercare meetings or some form of continued care that relapse seem to come back into recovery quicker when there is a relapse." 

At the end of the day, he says, "I feel like I have one of the best jobs in the world because I get to see people come in beaten and broken. Life is kicking their ass, and in a few days the color starts coming back into their faces. Their attitude changes when they start seeing some hope for their life. What an amazing feeling. Even in the face of adversity with the COVID pandemic, the clients who have stayed connected to some kind of recovery community and who have built their foundation around that community were able to stay in recovery and adapt to the changing world. I am truly blessed to work in a field I'm passionate about and have found a company that shares that passion."        

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shea sheeran Recreation coordinator

Shea was born and raised in Kamas, Utah. She has been in the Recreation field for a little over three years working in substance abuse and mental health programs. She has a passion and commitment to helping people find who they are truly meant to be through experiential activities.

She hopes that they will discover or reconnect with activities to help them find balance within their life. She has been in recovery since 2012 and have enjoyed connecting to others while living a new life. Activities she enjoys the most are spending time with her family, fishing, new adventures, and sharing her experiences with others. Shea has a lot of energy, and it is best spent being outdoors doing the many things that she loves.

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Joi Thomas Chef

Chef Joi Thomas is an Alumni of The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. After spending 8 years working in professional kitchens then starting her own personal chef business, she moved to Utah to expand her love of cooking. Joi joined Acqua Recovery in 2018 being recruited by a member of the Marketing Team for whom Joi had the pleasure of cooking. Chef Joi has seen firsthand the struggle with drugs and alcohol that plague Chefs and cooks alike. These experiences sparked her passion for incorporating nutrition into substance abuse programs and helping those struggling heal from the inside out.

Joi has since become a vital member of the Acqua team working in the kitchen to provide healthy meals and healthy conversation to clients that come to rehabilitate. The opportunity to introduce the clients as well as staff to new foods and cooking methods is fun and rewarding for Joi. No matter who Joi is cooking for, she believes everyone needs the healing ability of nutritious food.

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