EBMS Insurance for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Acqua Recovery is proud to be in-network with EBMS Insurance.


What is EBMS Insurance?

EBMS Insurance is an organization that administers a variety of PPOs and self-funded healthcare plans. They place an emphasis on customer service, receiving an average customer satisfaction score of 97% (as compared to an industry average of 73%), and a 95% rate of resolution in one call.

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Does EBMS cover drug and alcohol rehab? 

EMBS members have a variety of plans with differing coverage. To find out if your plan covers drug and alcohol addiction treatment at Acqua Recovery, verify your insurance here or call our admissions team.

EBMS Insurance Card

Where can I find my EBMS plan information for addiction treatment?

EMBS members receive a plan ID card that contains a variety of useful information:

Eligibility Information: Eligibility information includes your policy holder’s name, group name and number, and policy ID number.

PPO (Preferred Provider Organization): The logo and contact phone number of your PPO is listed. Make sure your healthcare provider is in-network with the PPO to verify that you’ll receive the most affordable care.

Pharmacy Information: You’ll need Pharmacy Information like your Rx Vendor and contact number, and BIN/PCN Numbers if you enter residential addiction treatment, because various medications may be prescribed for you.

Customer Service Information: On your card, you’ll find the phone number and website for any questions about your benefits. Or, call our experts and we’ll walk you through it.

Provider Customer Service Information: This is the phone number that our admissions team will call to pre-authorize your stay and help submit your claim if you enter treatment.

Don’t have an ID card?

Visit ebms.com to order a new ID card and get your important information organized in the meantime. Or, give us a call and we can help!

Acqua Recovery is in network with EBMS. What does that mean?

When an addiction treatment center is in network with an insurance provider, it shows that the program is committed to helping serve their clients. Going in network is a long and complicated process for healthcare providers. In essence, the insurance company must first determine that the program is a reputable healthcare provider. Then, the insurance company and the healthcare provider negotiate a contract that sets the pricing for clients who utilize the healthcare provider’s services. For clients, knowing that a provider is in-network with your insurance means you can trust that their services are of a professional level, and you’ll receive treatment at a fair price – often covered in a large part by your insurance.

How do I get started with addiction treatment if I have EBMS insurance?

If you or a loved one is ready to begin healing from addiction, the first step is to give us a call or send a chat. We can listen to your story and answer your questions or even verify your benefits for you – all at no pressure. If we’re not a match for you personally or for your plan, we’ll help you find a treatment program that is: To us, helping people find healing from addiction is the most important thing. 

What does it mean to verify my benefits? 

If you provide your insurance policy information, we can contact your provider beforehand to give you the up-front information about what addiction treatment will cost for you, and how much will be covered. To verify your benefits, click here.

Call or chat with an insurance specialist today.