First Health Insurance for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Acqua Recovery is proud to be in-network with First Health Insurance.

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What is First Health Insurance?

First Health is a subsidiary of the larger insurance provider Aetna. As such, they share Aetna’s core values: integrity, excellence, caring, and inspiration. First Health focuses on providing nationwide PPO access for more than 5.5 million members in cities, suburbs, and rural areas alike. That’s a lot less than Aetna’s 39 million members, which allows First Health to provide excellent customer service. At the same time, First Health uses its relationship with Aetna to negotiate better discounts for its members across all of its products: medical, dental, medical management, and non-network claims. First Health also has its own subsidiaries: Cofinity and First Health of the Midwest.

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Does First Health cover drug & alcohol rehab?

Today, most insurance plans include some level of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The Mental Health Parity & Addiction Equity Act of 1996 ruled that providers must offer the same level of benefits for mental health and addiction treatment as they do for medical and surgical issues. However, not all plans are alike. In addition, even if your plan does cover drug and alcohol addiction treatment, your case must be approved by an insurance specialist working for your provider. Luckily, at Acqua Recovery we work frequently with First Health and can navigate the process on your behalf, ensuring that you receive the best coverage that your plan can offer for the most appropriate treatment.

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Acqua Recovery is in network with First Health. What does that mean?

Acqua Recovery has worked directly with First Health to achieve credentialing. That means that First Health has reviewed Acqua’s programming and found it to meet its standards for members. As a result, First Health has negotiated special pricing for its members who go to Acqua Recovery for residential addiction treatment. First Health recommends that members choose in-network providers whenever possible for many reasons. 

First, choosing an in-network provider ensures that you’ll receive the best price. In addition, an in-network provider has a strong relationship with your insurance provider, which means the process of getting your claim approved will be as seamless as possible. In fact, in-network providers can file your insurance claims for you.

Do I need a referral to use First Health insurance for drug and alcohol addiction treatment at Acqua Recovery?

Most of First Health’s PPO plans do not require a referral for treatment, but you can check with your employer or healthcare plan administrator for the details. Or, the admissions team at Acqua Recovery can find out for you.

What will I owe if I use First Health insurance for drug and alcohol addiction treatment at Acqua Recovery?

First Health plans require that you pay your deductible, co-pay, and co-insurance when using an in-network provider. The exact amount of each depends on your plan.

What does it mean to verify my benefits?

Verifying your insurance benefits with First Health allows you to find out exactly how much you’ll have to pay for addiction treatment up front. Call Acqua Recovery or submit your insurance details on our website and we’ll contact First Health for you to find out how much addiction treatment will cost based on your plan. No surprises.

How do I get started with addiction treatment if I have First Health insurance?

Verifying your insurance with Acqua Recovery is a great first step towards entering residential addiction treatment. Give us a call and we’ll answer any additional questions you may have while starting the process of verifying your benefits. With just one phone call, you could be on your way to our sanctuary for healing.

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