MultiPlan Insurance for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Acqua Recovery is proud to be in-network with MultiPlan Insurance.

MultiPlan Insurance

What is MultiPlan?

MultiPlan has a 40-year history of working with healthcare payors, third-party administrators, brokers, consultants, and employer groups to make healthcare solutions affordable. With more than 2,400 employees across the United States, MultiPlan uses innovative technologies and strong payor relationships to help clients receive more than $19 billion in cost savings annually. They value fairness, efficiency, and affordability in all of their dealings.

MultiPlan offers three categories of service: Analytics services to help organizations manage healthcare costs, network-based PPO services for clients, and payment and revenue integrity services for healthcare claims. Individual clients most often take advantage of their complementary PPO network, which grants you access to more providers than those that are available under your main plan. If you have access to the MultiPlan complementary PPO network, you will probably see a MultiPlan logo on your health insurance card.

MultiPlan itself does not offer insurance. They do not administer benefit plans and do not handle claims, payments, or billings. For all of that, you must go through your main insurance provider. If you have any additional questions about MultiPlan, contact your insurance provider or HR rep. Or, call Acqua Recovery for questions regarding addiction treatment.

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How does MultiPlan help me pay for drug & alcohol rehab?

Thanks to the federal Mental Health Parity & Addiction Equity Act of 1996 and the Affordable Care Act of 2010, insurance providers in the United States must offer benefits for behavioral health issues like addiction. Therefore, most plans cover medically necessary addiction treatment of some kind.

Every plan is different, however. To find out whether yours will cover drug and alcohol rehab, IOP, or another form of addiction treatment, contact your insurance company, health benefit administrator, or HR rep. MultiPlan does not field customer requests directly. Or, call Acqua Recovery.

MultiPlan can help you pay for drug and alcohol rehab by giving you access to more affordable treatment options than those that would be available under your main plan.

MultiPlan Insurance Card

Acqua Recovery is in network with MultiPlan. What does that mean?

Acqua Recovery is proud to be an in-network provider for MultiPlan. MultiPlan has thoroughly reviewed our program and agreed to contract with us to provide quality, affordable healthcare to their customers. Being in network with a provider like MultiPlan means that we have signed a contract that requires them to pay a set price for their members’ treatment — one that is often less than what you would pay out of network. We also enjoy a collaborative relationship that makes the process of figuring out your insurance coverage for residential addiction treatment as easy as possible. If you’re overwhelmed by the details of your insurance coverage, simply give us a call. We work with MultiPlan frequently and can easily identify and explain your coverage to you. No surprises!

How do I check my MultiPlan benefits?

You can review your MultiPlan benefits by contacting your insurance company, health benefit administrator, or HR rep. MultiPlan does not field customer requests directly. Or, call the Acqua Recovery team and we can work with MultiPlan to verify your benefits for you.

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