Nutrition Therapy

Serving A Pro-Recovery Diet

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Nutrition Therapy At Acqua Recovery

We view food as a way to fuel the body so that you feel good, look good, and live life to the fullest. Our specifically tailored diet is designed to aid in detox and a speedy recovery for a healthy, focused individual. Every meal has protein, good fats, and complex carbohydrates.

Acqua’s menus provide the nutrients to your cells for your body to begin functioning well again. At Acqua, we serve three carefully planned meals a day and provide healthy protein snacks and water throughout the day. We also discourage the consumption of too much sugar and sodium.

Benefits Of Nutrition Therapy

When you struggle with addiction, many other parts of your life suffer as well. Drug abuse can destroy your appetite, cause weight loss or gain, and lead to other unhealthy habits. By developing a proper diet through our nutrition therapy program, you can begin to revitalize your life along with proven addiction treatment.

A combination of therapies, along with our nutrition therapy program, can help you build a foundation for recovery. This foundation will guide you back into your daily life without the fears of relapse. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll be equipped with resources and training you need to cope with stressors and triggers in your life.


Meet The Chef

Chef Camille has been at Acqua as Kitchen Manager since 2016. She sees Acqua Recovery’s program as being holistic in nature. Not only does she strive to provide a variety of made from scratch meals that fit in Acqua's Pro Recovery diet, but she also oversees Acqua's garden and teaches Life Skills/ culinary classes. Her background professionally is in teaching and in catering as well as chef for Senior Citizens community. Camille's current goal is to obtain a certificate in Integrative Nutrition Coaching. 

She is a native Oregonian and brought from there a passion for sustainable foods and seasonal cooking. She enjoys working with and cares genuinely for the Addiction Recovery community. She believes there is a lot of hope for a better, sober life, and Acqua has a vast network of people and resources. 

Pro-Recovery Smoothie Recipes

Organic Garden

Nutrition for recovery is intended to support the body as it undergoes the physical changes and healing associated with drug and alcohol addiction recovery. At the same time, that diet supports the immune system overall—a helpful benefit in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our pro-recovery diet features organic fruits and vegetables, grown from our own organic garden tended to by our very own Chef Camille! We pride ourselves on serving fresh farm-to-table ingredients so our patients get all the nutrients they need to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Overall Wellness At Acqua Recovery

Overall Wellness At Acqua Recovery

At Acqua Recovery, clients receive three meals a day and snacks cooked fresh by Chef Camille and her team in our open and welcoming kitchen.

We pride ourselves on serving fresh farm-to-table ingredients so our patients get all the nutrients they need to live a healthier lifestyle.

Sample menus

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