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If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, our rehab admissions team is here to listen, provide resources, and provide support. When you come to Acqua Recovery, we’ll work with you to make the transition into rehab as simple as possible. Our team understands that this process can be overwhelming, but we’ll put your mind at ease with a supportive, compassionate, and encouraging environment.


Rehab Admissions Process

At Acqua, the rehab admissions process will include an original assessment into your history of substance abuse. During this time, you will work with our staff to develop a personalized treatment plan. Moreover, this plan will address your unique needs in treatment.

For example, we offer therapies such as:

A combination on therapies will be put in place to ensure you have the best chance at a successful recovery. With a holistic approach, we will treat your mind, body, and spirit during rehab. Specifically, this is a full-service approach to treatment that helps you develop coping skills and relapse prevention techniques for the future.

Drug Rehab Financing

During the rehab admissions process, we will provide drug rehab financing options for our clients. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the financial burdens of rehab. We’ll put a payment plan in place that meets your specific needs. This is the flexibility that you deserve to completely focus on your recovery.

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Admissions Process

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