When you need help for your addiction, your AETNA health insurance can enable that treatment and a much brighter future. You simply need to find an AETNA drug rehab center in Utah, one accepting AETNA health benefits for payment. Acqua Recovery is that drug rehab center, one where your new life begins.

Does Your AETNA Insurance Cover Rehab?AETNA Drug Rehab Center in Utah.

To know whether your health insurance covers rehab, you need to learn more about your policy and benefits. You can do this by talking to your insurance agent or using AETNA’s online services. But you can more easily learn about your coverage through an AETNA drug rehab center in Utah. You simply call Acqua Recovery Center in Salt Lake City, Utah and ask the helpful counselor to verify your AETNA insurance.

When you seek an AETNA drug rehab center in Utah, you gain access to substance abuse treatment and other types of behavioral health services. These include the services of psychiatrists, therapists, psychologists, counselors, and medical doctors.

In fact, mental health problems often accompany substance use disorder. The two conditions actually create a cycle in your life, with each condition fueling the other. This means you need to get help for your mental health problems at the same time as you receive addiction treatment. Your health insurance likely provides for this dual diagnosis care at a dual diagnosis AETNA drug rehab center in Utah.

What to Expect from Your AETNA Drug Rehab Center in Utah

When you use your AETNA insurance for rehab treatment, you can usually expect to receive access to certain types of care. For example, these treatments include:

AETNA reviews each policyholder’s needs on an individual basis. They do not set limits on how long someone may receive treatment. But the insurance company does require confirmation of your actual medical need for these services. That confirmation comes from your doctor or the treatment professionals at your chosen rehab center.

Types of Addiction Covered by AETNA

AETNA drug rehab insurance covers a wide range of addictions for treatment. These include opioids, prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, alcohol, heroin, benzos, and many other drugs. All in all, AETNA wants all of their insured members to live in their best health and wellness.

A good example of covered addictions is prescription drug abuse. AETNA covers therapy, detox and an individualized length of stay in rehab treatment. This is similar to other health insurance plans, with other carriers providing the same types of benefits for treatment. When you use your insurance, regular assessments help you receive ongoing coverage that suits your unique needs.

Utah Treatment for Your Alcohol or Drug Addiction Problem

In Salt Lake City, Acqua Recovery Center accepts your rehab insurance coverage. Acqua Recovery provides a range of therapies and other services designed to meet your individual needs, while also helping you gain maximum treatment under your policy.

Acqua Recovery Center helps you receive the treatment you need through dual diagnosis care, individualized treatment planning and acceptance of your health insurance. Therefore, call Acqua Recovery Center’s AETNA drug rehab center in Utah now. You can reach us at 866.830.4628 to verify your benefits.