Are you searching for a Cigna drug rehab center in Utah? If so, Acqua Recovery is here for you. Specifically, it’s important to ensure your health insurance covers your rehab treatment. This will give you the ability to completely focus on your recovery.

Benefits of A Cigna Drug Rehab Center in Utah

At Acqua Recovery, we want you to enter treatment without the fears of financial burdens that rehab can bring. Therefore, our Cigna drug rehab center in Utah will work with your provider to ensure you receive the proper help at a reasonable cost.

Cigna Drug Rehab Center in Utah.In fact, addiction is an overwhelming disease. When you enter a facility, it can be difficult to focus if you have any outside factors that control your life. Therefore, a financial issue with treatment will only make matters worse.

However, Cigna health insurance consistently works with individuals who are in need of effective addiction treatment. Most plans will over a wide range of modalities, such as addiction therapy services and substance abuse treatment programs.

Modalities at Our Cigna Drug Rehab Center in Utah

When you enter a program at Acqua Recovery, you will have access to a wide range of modalities. For example, these include massage therapy and nutrition therapy.

Furthermore, we offer programs such as:

  • EMDR
  • CBT
  • DBT
  • Recovery coaching program

When you enter our Cigna drug rehab center in Utah, we’ll give you an original assessment to find the root causes of your addiction. Overall, this will tell us which path is best for your recovery journey. We’ll include various therapies and treatments to make sure you begin to grow in recovery. If you aren’t prepared for life after rehab once you leave our facility, then we haven’t done our job. Therefore, we strive to help you have confidence in your sobriety with relapse prevention and coping skills in place. This life skills training can make all the difference in your successful recovery.

Verify Your Insurance At Acqua Recovery

The admissions process can be overwhelming for many people who need treatment. However, Acqua staff will work with you every step of the way. This will get you into treatment in a timely manner so you can begin to make real change in your life. Our Cigna drug rehab center in Utah is the perfect place to reinvent your lifestyle with a supportive environment around you.

Verify your Cigna insurance today and begin the rehab and recovery process. In addition, our Cigna drug rehab center in Utah will treat your family so they can understand your addiction as well. For more information about us, contact us today at 866.830.4628.