Men's Sober Living

The real work to building a lasting recovery begins after
residential addiction treatment — with sober living.


Our Men's Sober Living Program

Early recovery and the transition back to life after residential addiction treatment can be overwhelming and triggering. At Acqua Recovery, we help our clients build a strong foundation and teach them the tools they need for relapse prevention. Our sober living program provides a structured semi-independent environment, surrounded by supportive resources.

Our program provides a community environment with: 

  • A drug and alcohol free residence 
  • An onsite, caring house manager that’s part of the Acqua Recovery alumni community 
  • Comfortable, furnished bedrooms 
  • Weekly meetings with all residents 
  • Attendance at multiple weekly recovery group meetings outside the residence

To learn more about our sober living program's amenities, download our brochure:


Welcome Home

At our sober living house, you'll feel right at home with the comfortable beds and a spacious communal living room. You can join the other tenants in group activities such as hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. Located in Ogden, our men's sober living is just 20-30 minutes away from some of the worlds best ski resorts. Here, you'll build lasting relationships while having fun in early recovery.

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Acqua Recovery is committed to making the transition back to life after treatment as easy and stress-free as possible. Come join us at our mens' sober living, and we'll be there every step of the way!


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How to Build a Lasting Recovery with Sober Living

To continue having a lasting recovery after residential addiction treatment, you must have a supportive transition back to life outside of treatment. To learn about how sober living can help prevent relapse, check out our blog post.

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