Millions of Americans suffer from depression, but few get the treatment they need for it. Instead, they live with the condition without the help of a mental health and dual diagnosis treatment center. Some don’t even know they have depression, while others feel some embarrassment about having a mental health disorder. A depression treatment program can make a big difference in your life. If you know you’re living with it or if you think you are, find out what depression is and the available treatment for it.

Are You Depressed?Depression Treatment Program in Utah.

Depression is more than the occasional sad feeling that everyone has at some point. Some people have lived with it for so long, however, that they consider their depression to be their normal mood.

How do you know if you’re actually depressed? For example, signs of depression include:

  • Persistent sadness that lasts for weeks, months or years
  • Trouble concentrating
  • A general feeling of hopelessness
  • Loss of interest in activities and socializing
  • Increased tiredness
  • Bouts of uncontrollable crying
  • Changes in appetite, leading to weight loss or gain

Some people turn to ineffective coping mechanisms like drug and alcohol abuse to deal with their feelings. A better option is choosing a depression treatment program, where professionals can provide much-needed care.

What Is a Depression Treatment Program Like?

Mental health is very important for your well-being. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of those who need treatment for a mental illness actively seek it. Some try and self-medicate with addictive substances. Instead of making their lives better, addiction makes everything worse.

Look for a treatment program, where you can begin to heal. If you’re also abusing drugs and alcohol, you’ll need a program that addresses co-occurring disorders. It’s important for specialists to treat depression and addiction simultaneously in order to give you a real chance at lasting recovery. Only addressing one condition or the other will eventually get someone back to square one.

A depression treatment program in Utah can improve your life in many ways. Therapists will create a course of treatment for you. It will include a variety of therapies. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps you change negative thoughts like “I’m worthless” into positive ones. As a result, your behaviors will become positive.

Depending on your specific needs, medical professionals may feel that prescription anti-depressants will benefit you. However, there are natural mood lifters as well, such as exercise, journaling, and yoga. You’ll learn that getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet contributes to good feelings.

A well-rounded depression treatment program incorporates a variety of techniques and therapies. With the right help, you can begin to feel like a new person. In Salt Lake City, there’s a treatment facility that can address all of your health needs, from the physical to the mental.

Your New Beginning Starts Here

At Acqua Recovery Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, we provide effective addiction treatment in a supportive and peaceful environment. Our caring team of professionals takes a holistic approach to treatment, with a focus on whole-body health. Each client works with a recovery coach to address their specific issues and concerns.

Our programs and addiction therapy services include:

If you or a loved one are coping with addiction and/or depression, treatment can turn everything around. Call the compassionate staff at Acqua Recovery Center, and we’ll start you on a path to health and healing. Reach out today at 866.830.4628.