Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease that can and does ruin million of lives each year. It affects not only users, but also the friends and family of the person who is addicted. If you’re not sure how to tackle your addiction problem, Acqua Recovery Center in Salt Lake City might be of some help. Our executive drug rehab program in Utah has helped countless individuals regain their sobriety and independence.

How Our Executive Drug Rehab Program in Utah Differs from Other Programs

If you’ve never tried rehab or failed at a previous attempt, you might be leery of enrolling at another treatment center. After all, how can the programs at Acqua Recovery Center be any different than other traditional rehab programs? Fortunately for you and any others, not all addiction programs are created the same.Executive Drug Rehab Program in Utah.

Our executive drug rehab program in Utah is different than most. Unlike other facilities, we assign each of our guests their own addiction recovery coach upon arrival. These coaches enhance the recovery process by analyzing the individual’s history with addiction and determining what their unique needs are. They are also on-hand to offer their constant expertise and support throughout the many ups and downs during treatment.

By undergoing a thorough examination upon entering rehab, a treatment plan can meet your specific needs. This kind of individual treatment produces impressive success rates among people who suffer from substance abuse and addiction. By choosing this kind of treatment, you can drastically reduce your risk for future withdrawal, overdose, and relapse.

The executive drug rehab program that will benefit you the most depends on several factors: the experiences with addiction that have shaped your current situation; the duration and volume of abuse; family genetics; and the possibility of any co-occurring mental disorders, like anxiety and bipolar disorder (BPD). Your history with addiction is specific to you, so it makes sense that treatment should also be unique.

What We Offer

At Acqua Recovery Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, you’ll gain access to complete medical care and our executive drug rehab program. After a background evaluation, you can start working towards total and lasting rehabilitation.

For example, the programs and therapies that could be included in your personalized treatment plan are:

Regardless of your past, our executive drug rehab program in Utah can help guide you towards the light at the end of the tunnel. If you’re willing to make a commitment to meeting your goals, you can get sober and recover true sobriety and independence. You can be well on your way to a complete lifestyle change in less time than you probably think is possible.

Learn More About our Treatment Center Today

Entering rehab is understandably uncomfortable for some, but don’t let your fears and doubts prevent you from seeking help. The longer you wait to get treatment, the harder it will be to overcome your problem. At Acqua Recovery Center, we can help guide you through a successful recovery with our executive drug rehab program. By the time you complete treatment at our facility, you should feel renewed in the physical, emotional, and spiritual sense. We would like to invite you to learn more about this opportunity for a fresh start by dialing 866-485-7123.