As scientific knowledge about addiction grows, so do your options for rehab treatment. Because you have so many choices, deciding on the right mens drug and alcohol rehab program proves more difficult today, than ever before. However, you can find the right fit through some research, weighing of your options, and by talking to qualified professionals.

Start Taking Steps to Choose the Right Mens Drug and Alcohol Rehab ProgramMens drug and alcohol rehab program. Learn more about our mens rehab program.

Choosing your ideal mens drug and alcohol rehab program starts just like your journey into recovery. For both of these processes, you need to start taking some steps in the right direction. Moreover, caring professionals in addiction treatment understand that taking the first steps feels difficult. Therefore, you never find yourself alone in this important process.

Your drug or alcohol addiction has hurt not just you, but also those who love you. So you need treatment for yourself that also considers your family’s needs. Some mens drug and alcohol rehab programs provide fantastic support for families. Additionally, a small percentage even involve your family in your therapies and other treatments.

For your individual program, you need one that also considers your mind-body connection. No longer do doctors or other treatment professionals believe that addiction is a bad habit or series of bad choices. Today’s professionals understand that addiction requires treatment of both your mind and body, with each of these aspects of your wellness affecting the other.

Start your mens drug and alcohol rehab search by looking for programs providing help for your whole family and holistic methods. This shows how rehab rebuilds your support system and individual wellness for lasting recovery.

Acqua offers:

  • Luxury residential rehab
  • Physical fitness therapy
  • Recreation and behavioral therapy
  • Quality nutrition therapy
  • Recovery coaching

Additional offerings:

  • Young adult therapy programs
  • Trauma therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatments
  • Treatment for a variety of addictions, including cocaine, ecstasy, alcohol and heroin

Choosing Your Ideal Rehab by Setting Treatment Goals for Yourself

Specifically, what are your goals for recovery? What does the life you want look like and how will you get there? Asking yourself these questions helps you zone in on the right rehab for your individual needs.

Every rehab specializes on certain key aspects of treatment, to meet individual treatment goals. You need to choose a rehab able to help you reach your own life goals for recovery.

For example, if you want a fitter, healthier life in recovery that focuses on physical wellness, you need a rehab meeting those needs. Look for a rehab offering nutrition programs, physical fitness opportunities, and other methods in line with gaining a fit mind and body.

If you seek to treat yourself better and value yourself more in recovery, you need a rehab that helps you grow in these ways. The right therapies, holistic methods, and philosophy of your rehab play a big role in helping you learn better self-care. Furthermore, you possibly need a luxury setting for your treatment, too.

Adult men are 2-3 times more likely than women to have a drug abuse/dependence disorder, according to NCBI

Narrowing Your Rehab Options

As you review rehab options, certain things strike a chord deep within yourself. You feel yourself focusing on a few rehabs as having more of what excites you toward recovery. As a result, these move to the top of your list. Then, all you need to do is talk to one or more of these programs, to see if their approaches, philosophy, and methods also interest you during that conversation.

Acqua Recovery is a drug and alcohol addiction rehab center in Utah providing quality rehab treatment and family involvement with a strong focus on the mind-body connection and holistic methods. For example, our programs also include:

20% of men abuse alcohol, according to the NCBI

More men than women admit to having an addiction, but much fewer receive treatment. As a man, it can be hard to admit that you need treatment for an addiction. However, it is critical that when struggling with any addiction, you seek help as soon as possible. Today’s treatment methods and therapies are proven to work. Doctors and psychologists work with the addict to get to the root of the issue and prevent relapse.

5 million men reported abusing prescription drugs in the last year.

5 million men reported abusing prescription drugs in the last year.

Over 10,000 men needed treatment for alcohol addiction but did not receive it in 2014.

Over 10,000 men needed treatment for alcohol addiction but did not receive it in 2014.

Over 3 thousand men reported binging alcohol in the past year in 2014.

Over 3 thousand men reported binging alcohol in the past year in 2014.


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