The residential addiction treatment program at Acqua Recovery will give you the opportunity to live at our facility while receiving proven and effective treatment. Therefore, you will be removed from the negative stressors and influences that were likely a crucial factor in your addiction.

Benefits of Our Residential Addiction Treatment Program

Benefits of a residential addiction treatment program or inpatient drug rehab center in Utah.With our residential addiction treatment program, you will be able to completely focus on your recovery, which is invaluable during the recovery process. In outpatient care, you return home each night after treatment. Unfortunately, this means you are re-introduced every day to the negative influences and environment that led to your addiction in the first place.

In 2017, 20.7 million people needed treatment for a substance disorder, but only 4 million received treatment, according to American Addiction Centers.

Earning Sobriety in Residential Care

Addiction is a disease that will do everything it can to take control of your life. As a result, your commitment to recovery has to be a priority. By focusing solely on your overall wellbeing, we can begin to help you make major changes in your life for the betterment of your future.

Our inpatient drug rehab center in Utah is the perfect place to begin this journey. Furthermore, you will have access to alumni support and further education. This includes the development of coping skills and relapse prevention techniques.

Specifically, what does a residential addiction treatment program entail?

For example, our services include therapies such as:

Additional programs include:

  • Art and music therapy
  • Men’s rehab program
  • Women’s rehab program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Young adult rehab programs

With a variety of therapeutic options, you will have the resources to find success in your recovery. Moreover, our staff will work with you to develop a custom and unique treatment plan that addresses each of your needs.

Many people enter treatment with concerns about the process. This can be overwhelming for our residents as well as their families. As such, we believe highly in family involvement during the recovery journey. We place a major focus on family work and support with a recovery coach to address any issues.

According to American Addiction Centers, 10% of American adults say that they are in recovery from a substance abuse disorder.

Addiction doesn’t just affect you. Many people who need treatment for addiction do not receive it, which can lead to overdoses, severe accidents, or death. Today’s recovery programs are continually evolving to include new therapy methods and treatments. Medical professionals know that no one treatment fits everyone, so they do their best to give each patient the treatment that they need.

Among young adults, there were 119 emergency room visits and 22 treatment admissions for every prescription drug overdose in 2014.

Among young adults, there were 119 emergency room visits and 22 treatment admissions for every prescription drug overdose in 2014. 


In 2016, 43.6% of vehicular deaths involved drivers who tested positive for drugs.

People overdosed

Over 28,000 people overdosed on fentanyl and other synthetic narcotics in 2017.


Acqua Recovery’s Inpatient Drug Rehab Center in Utah

Acqua Recovery’s inpatient drug rehab center in Utah is a 20-bed facility on the grounds of a 100-year-old chateau near Park City. This beautiful setting and supportive atmosphere will help you build a foundation for your sobriety. However, we don’t have a “luxury” attitude or “luxury” pricing.

To learn more about Acqua Recovery and our residential addiction treatment program, contact our friendly staff today at 866.830.4628.

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