It should come as no shock that there are many addictive, illegal drugs in the world. One example is ecstasy. However, few people really know the whole truth about this drug and the need for addiction therapy services Utah can trust. The more they learn about it, the easier it is for them to find a reliable ecstasy addiction rehab program.

What Is An Ecstasy Addiction Rehab Program?Ecstasy Addiction Rehab Program at our Ecstasy Addiction Treatment Center Utah trusts

Before people can find an ecstasy addiction treatment center in Utah, they have to know what it is. Some call this drug molly or MDMA, which stands for the official name 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Regardless of the name, this drug is still addictive and illegal to buy.

If using this drug leads to needing ecstasy addiction treatment, why do people take it? Most of them do it because of how it makes them feel. Ecstasy causes empathetic and euphoric feelings. In fact, these feelings are what make ecstasy a popular party drug.

With that said, is there really a difference between MDMA, ecstasy, and molly? Once again, it helps people to know this information when they seek an ecstasy addiction rehab program.

MDMA is just a shorter version of the official chemical name of the drug. Molly is just the street name for the drug when people buy it in powder form. Ecstasy differs from a molly because it’s the tablet form.

Is Ecstasy Addictive?

Yes, ecstasy is addictive. Oddly enough, though, MDMA isn’t. That’s right, laboratory studies find that MDMA is safe for human consumption. However, why is MDMA safe but not ecstasy?

The reason is because MDMA is pure, whereas ecstasy isn’t. In a perfect world, MDMA and ecstasy would be the same. However, the ecstasy that people buy from the black market is never 100 percent pure.

In fact, one blind study in 2005 tested a wide variety of ecstasy pills. It found that over 60 percent of the tablets contained other drugs. A shocking 40 percent contained no MDMA at all. In reality, the other drugs in these pills cause the need for ecstasy addiction treatment.

Why Seek Ecstasy Addiction Treatment?

Why do people need to look for an ecstasy addiction rehab program Utah trusts? The reason is that they don’t know which drugs they have an addiction to. As a result, only an ecstasy addiction treatment center can help them overcome the addiction.

In most studies, experts found that the chemicals in ecstasy can cause brain damage. The more ecstasy that people take, the higher the chance that they have of developing brain damage. Thankfully, an ecstasy addiction treatment program can help them quit using the drug.

To make matters worse, people never know how much ecstasy that they take. Each ecstasy pill has a different potency. For that reason, some people can overdose on the drug after they have just one pill. Those who don’t seek an ecstasy addiction treatment center put themselves at risk for overdose.

Let Acqua Recovery Provide Your Ecstasy Addiction Rehab Program

Finding an ecstasy addiction treatment center is easy when you turn to Acqua Recovery Center. We provide treatment for several drugs, including ecstasy.

As an ecstasy addiction treatment center in Utah, we want to put your needs first. To help you get over your addiction, we use a mix of the latest advancements in addiction treatment. Some of the programs that we use during ecstasy addiction treatment include:

Don’t believe the lies that ecstasy is pure MDMA. Join our ecstasy addiction rehab program today at Acqua. Reach out to us at 8668304628 for more details.