Many medications can help people who suffer from mental health disorders. For example, Adderall is a medicine that can manage attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Unfortunately, some people use these medicines even though they don’t need them. In most cases, this abuse eventually leads them to need an Adderall addiction rehab program.

What Is An Adderall Addiction Rehab Program?What Is An Adderall Addiction Rehab Program?

Before people seek prescription drug addiction treatment Utah offers, they need to know more about this medicine. It’s a prescription that doctors give to people who have ADHD. In most cases, it works best for teenagers and adolescents.

Adderall is actually a combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. These drugs work together to stimulate the central nervous system. They also change the amount of norepinephrine and dopamine that the brain produces. As a result, taking Adderall helps people with ADHD stay focused and pay attention.

Adderall Abuse

If Adderall is just an ADHD medication, who abuses it, and why? Studies show that young adults abuse this medicine the most. In general, they use it as a study aid that keeps them awake and produces intense focus. What they don’t know is that taking it might land them in a prescription drug addiction treatment program.

Experts say that just taking Adderall once is enough to cause addiction. For that reason, it’s a Schedule II drug, which means that it has a high chance of abuse. College students typically need Adderall addiction treatment because they take the medication to get through long study sessions. In the end, they only find themselves with addiction.

The Importance of An Adderall Addiction Rehab Program

Finding an Adderall addiction treatment center Utah offers is important for anyone who struggles with abusing this medicine. One reason is that it causes many serious side effects. Only an Adderall addiction rehab program can help them safely overcome it.

Reports show that people who abuse Adderall typically experience restlessness, dizziness, and anxiety. In some cases, however, it can lead to irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, and seizures. These side effects are why Adderall addiction treatment is essential.

To make matters worse, most teens are unaware of the side effects. College students still abuse this medicine, and studies show that abuse is on the rise. Between 2008 and 2012, the use of ADHD medication jumped 35 percent. Despite this increase, the number of people who seek Adderall addiction treatment didn’t increase.

The need for an Adderall addiction rehab program Utah is greater than ever before. However, it’s up to family members to get help for loved ones because they rarely seek help for themselves.

Adderall Withdrawal

Because of the addictive nature of Adderall, people tend to experience withdrawal when they stop taking it. The symptoms are typically painful, but this withdrawal doesn’t cause life-threatening effects. Despite that, people should never attempt to stop taking Adderall cold turkey. Instead, they need to seek a professional detox center.

Of course, detox is just the first step in managing Adderall addiction. Afterward, people still need to visit an Adderall addiction treatment center. Visiting a facility is the best way to get access to an Adderall addiction treatment program that provides lasting recovery.

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